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Enjoy Season 8 - Quantum Conversations & Take a Quantum Leap!

Healing Conversations
Healing Conversations

featuring Spiritual Teachers and Healers

Free Webinars for Quantum Transformation

Raise Your Vibration & Expand Your Consciousness

Your Love Changes the World with Every Breath

Let Your Transformation take a Quantum Leap!

Embody Your Divine Self & Divine Nature

Current Show of Healing Conversations

Healing Conversations is now Quantum Conversations!

with Lauren Galey

Healing Conversations offers you a QUANTUM LEAP in Transformation! Enjoy Quantum Converstions (TM)

Are you ready to step up and into your personal power? The power of Joy, Love, Abundance and Health that comes from doing what you love to do. This season of Quantum Conversations will help you with Quantum Transformation as you EMBODY LOVE and LIVE your passion! The cosmic energies arriving on our planet provide incredible support for each of us at this time by truly doing what makes our hearts sing. Your Passion is fuel for the creative forces of the Universe to give you your heart's command. These Healing Conversations features Spiritual Teachers, Healers and New Paradigm Thinkers who will EXPAND your Consciousness, OPEN your heart, and EMPOWER you with your own self-mastery.

Tune in each week as we Open Hearts, Empower Millions and Raise the Vibration of the Planet. Click Here to Learn More about this Series or scroll down to to claim your free online membership to Quantum Conversations for High Vibrations! When you register below, you'll receive the links to each and every show a few hours before each show. At any time, you can listen to the online replays. You'll also get notification of Online Healing Retreats and free events!

This Show Airs weekdays at:
3pm Pacific /4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern / 11pm GMT

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Matt Kahn Julie Dittmar

Soul Gathering Video on Demand

with Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar
NEW!! Video on Demand PLUS MP3 Download
April 2016

If your heart is ready to end the seeking, suffering, struggle, and conflict, and to live as the light of love itself - then these events are for you. If you are ready to awaken your home frequency and become a fully activated lightbearer of 5th dimensional consciousness, we welcome you home, beautiful One!

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Featured Healing Conversation with Quantum Healer Mas Sajady

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Lisa Transcendence Brown on Healing Conversations

Special Video - Recognizing New Earth

with Lisa Transcendence Brown

We join Lisa Transcendence Brown on the beautiful Lemurian island of Kauai, where she shows us how we can perceive New Earth by looking for specific features. This 50-minute conversation with Lisa is also encoded with Lemurian energies and higher vibrations that you will feel just by watching this video, filmed on June 11, 2015. PLUS! After the interview, you will journey with us on a helicopter ride over the island to view the scenery which also holds activations within it. Waterfalls and the Lush, Iconic Na Pali coast will bring memories of Lemuria flooding back to you!


Featured Healing Conversation with Copper Ascension Tool founder Brian Besco

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Online Healing Retreat Master Series

Experience the Master Series of Online Healing Retreats

Please join us in our new Master Series of Online Healing Retreats - these are multi-part webinars to advance your knowledge of self-mastery with the Master Teachers!

The Master Series of Online Healing Retreats are designed to advance your knowledge of Self-Mastery and Energy Healing. The Master Series are 2 - 3 part online webinars with Master Teachers and come with downloadable recordings for your continued study. Click here to see schedule

Hapi Drums

Experience HAPI Drums - High Vibrations with Drumming

HAPI Drums
NEW!! Make Magical Musical Vibes

Drumming is very shamanic in the sense that one tends to release from limitation and allow the rhythm to flow naturally, allowing your heart to sing through your own beat.

The instruments played on this page allow families, friends, and strangers to come together in the rhythm of life to create beautiful music.

Learn more

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Online Healing Retreat Master Classes

Special Offer

Special Offer

The music on this website was literally created by the Universe - It is the Sound of Sacred Geometry.

Computer Music Researcher Phil Winsor assigned musical notes to mathematical equations (algorithms) and the result is this beautiful music which is the sound of the Universal Principles of creation.

Click the play button on the video below to hear Music From The Universe.

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Experience a Sound Healing Session with the Solfeggio Tones

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FLower of Life Seed of Life Pendant

The Seed of Life Empowerment Pendant

This beautiful sterling silver pendant features a Seed of Life, Tube Torus, with rainbow colors on front, and chakra column on the back. It's also energized with the numerical frequency code of SUCCESS - the number 71042 is stamped on the back. Sterling Silver pendant includes an 18" silver-plated chain in a velve pouch
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Sacred Geometry with a Purpose

Free Video on Sacred Geometry
Connect with the power of Sacred Geometry with a spiritual tool that will connect you to your Higher Self. A great charm to empower with your intentions too!

Free Video

Click Here to Learn More about the iConnect & purchase this Spiritual Tool
A Sacred Geometry tool to connect you to Source!

Online Healing Retreats

Online Healing Retreats

Enjoy live or via recorded programs

Rejevnate Your Spirit with these Online Healing Retreats

Join us for our Spring Season of Online Healing Retreats, featuring Spiritual Teachers and Healers who share their ancient and new knowledge with you, channeled from on-High, and studied from ancient texts. Each weekend, we feature these retreats to assist you on your spiritual journey and path of Ascension. Click here for our Next Online Healing Retreat

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More Free Programs and Online Events

Music From the Universe is used in all of our programming which features Healing Conversations with Metaphysical & Spiritual Teachers, Online Healing Retreats - 2 hour webinars to rejuvenate your spirit and Meditations with the Lemurian Heart Temple Group. Click on any of the links below to learn more and please join us online as we rejuvenate and heal our spirit and learn how to assist others.

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