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George Schwimmer

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Today's Healing Conversation with George Schwimmer, author of My Past Lives & Life Plan and MU: The Last Great Civilization. This is a special 2-hour program which explores how discovering your past lives can be the key to your mission in this lifetime.

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Healing Conversations this season features:

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Mayana and Andras
Louise Swartswalter
Vladimir Turek
Linda Graham
Dr. Paul Drouin
George Schwimmer

Masaru Emoto
Gregory Hoag
William Buhlmann
Amber Wolf
Maurie Pressman
Regina Meredith

Sylvia Vowles
Bernie Seigel MD
George & Sedena
Richard Moat
Steven Meyers
Tom Moore

Dorian Light
Mas Sajady
Mercedes Kirkel
Elaine Fidyk
Eric Pearl


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