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Alison Kays on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Alison Kay

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Season 14 Episode 18: The 5 Secrets To Upgrade Your Money Frequency and Uplevel Your Business

Even if you're already successful but intuitively know there is more available to you. Get ready to move beyond into your next level!

You’ll be entraining to Alison's high, clear, aligned vibration as she shares 5 secrets to raise your money vibration and up-level your business. With these 5 Secrets, she's helped thousands of people across the globe supercharge their lives and revenue streams. She'll be activating and encoding the energetics of the new paradigm so that you can already begin to feel the shift today!

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About Alison Kay

Dr. Alison J. Kay is an Award Winning, #1 International Best Selling Author and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System. She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body and spirit. She spent ten years in Asia studying subtle energies & ancient wisdom. This is combined with her twenty plus years working in & teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, Mind Body Fitness, Longevity and Holistic Health with a specialized focus on the Chakra system. She also runs an exclusive Manifestation, Magic & Money Flow Program for high-level clients as well as a Vibrational Upgrade™ Mastermind Group. You don’t need to believe in this in order for it to work… that’s the beauty of what Dr. Alison accesses – as soon as you experience her work, you will feel the shift within you.

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