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Mystic Almine on Healing Conversations

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Today's Guest: Almine (in an Second Astounding Interview!)

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Super Gods, Ascension & the Realm of Dragons
We are honored to have the great Mystic Almine on Healing Conversations once again! Almine is known as one of the world's great Mystics, a seer and a feeler who is leading us on our journey towards Ascension.

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This amazing Conversation with Almine discusses:

• Entering Godhood, the Story of Ascension

• The Connection between Man and the Higher Realms, Higher Beings, Angels

• The 3 Phases of God Consciousness

• The Realm of Dragons and Their Connection to Humans

• The DNA Rose Pattern to Purify the Subconscious

• Gods Amongst Humans Now on Earth

• The God Kingdom is Available to All

• The Great Resurrection of the Cosmos, Earth and Humanity

About Almine

The miraculous life and unprecedented teachings of the mystic Almine has created a growing wave of interest from truth seekers around the world. Drawn to her compassion, many have followed her from continent to continent, only to find that every spiritual retreat she presents has been based on completely new information received directly from Source as life unfolds anew.

Many miracles surround her day by day throughout her extraordinary life, most of it untold, overshadowed by the vast revelations and unparalleled mystical teachings that pour through her in numerous heavenly languages.

Almine’s spiritual retreats represent the cutting edge of mysticism; that place where the physical and the non-physical meet and new realities are born. It is here where change is rapid and insight comes quickly to wash away years of stagnation.

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