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Today's Guest: Karinna Nielsen

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Lemurian Shamanic Astrology and Healing Take astrology to a new level for the New Age! This unique form of astrology uses a unique and easy-to-understand archetypal approach, offering you tools to discover and explore your soul's journey, including your relationships, right livelihood, and how you can consciously create a life adventure that is joyful and in alignment with your original life intent. It includes discovering your past life lineage, as well as the tools and talents you have brought with you into this lifetime to assist you in reaching your life goals.

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About Karinna

Karinna Nielsen is a Lemurian Goddess Light, spiritual teacher, astrologer, minister and healer. For over 15 years, she has been on a shamanic journey of love, awakening and service with Mother Earth and all of humanity. She is a purveyor of Lemurian healing wisdom through Lemurian Shamanic Astrology ∧ Healing, Lemurian prophecy card readings, personalized trainings, Lemurian Wisdom Circle Goddess gatherings, and sacred site tours.

In service to Mother Earth and our Great Shift in Consciousness, Karinna also serves as Purple Goddess in the Lemurian Goddess weave, assisting in the release of the Earth's ties to the third-dimensional weave and holding a space of unconditional love for the ascension of Mother Earth and all of humanity through ceremonial Goddess gatherings, meditations and sacred journeys.

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Karinna Nielsen

Online Healing Retreat
Awaken to the Lemurian Wisdom Within You

with Karinna Nielsen

Saturday, August 9
In the ancient land of Lemuria, the Goddess Light came forth at times of great shifts in consciousness to announce the ascension from one dimensional awareness to the next. At this time of our own "turning of the age—whether you are male or female—you may feel the Goddess Light awakening within you. You may feel the call to search for greater meaning in your life and to find other Goddess lights also on the path of awakening. It is a humble feeling of love guiding us to find new levels of Truth in our lives.

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