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KaseyBrad- Channel of Julias

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Today's Guest: KaseyBrad

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The High-Energy Group JULIUS says WE are the GODS who Have Forgotten Ourselves
This Show is a Message and Reminder to BE The Highest Vibration of Love and release all Victim-hood, Blame, Judgment, etc, so the Higher Frequencies of the Cosmos can come thru and change our molecular strucure, assisting us in creating Miracles! JULIUS is a High-Energy Group Channelled by Kasey and Brad Willis. Listen to their remarkable story of how they came to Channel Julius and receive a beautiful transmission that shares how to Manifest and Accept Yourself as a Powerful Being!

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KaseyBrad - a Team Channel of JULIUS Higher Dimensional Beings

This Healing Conversation explores how Brad and Kasey Wallis came to Channel the High-Energy Group known as JULIUS. After a near death experience, Brad agreed to come back and teach about this life's existence. Kasey his wife was asked to assist in this endeavor. Kasey channels the group Brad visited with while he was on the other side. Together they make a powerful team.

Enjoy a Transmission from JULIUS in this show!

“As a Channel and regression therapist, I would like to highly recommend the spiritual work of Brad and Kasey. Kasey’s channeling has assisted many incarnate beings struggling with being in body at this time. Her caring, nurturing and yet highly professional style engages clients and deepens their own understanding of what Spirit is telling them. Kasey and Brad KNOW they are being guided to be of service to others, assisting through their connection with guides and teachers on the other side.” Earl L. Backman, PH.D, Channel, The Ravenheart Center

About KaseyBrad and JULIUS

Theirs is a love story, an ethereal love story; a story of love, upon love, upon love

Though people who know Kasey and Brad Wallis will tell you that they really are just regular folks, they certainly are having an extraordinary life experience together. Prior to the events that will unfold before you, it is curious to note that Brad and Kasey were only acquainted casually, through one of Kasey’s family members, who worked very closely with Brad at his construction company. Over time, they developed a friendship and as it was spiritually destined, love blossomed in their hearts.

Their journey began to unfold through the unfortunate and traumatic events that ensued, when Brad was undergoing treatment for a brain injury; a direct result of a car accident. While recovering in hospital, Brad endured deadly complications, from a reaction to this medical treatment, and fell into a coma. While medical professionals were certain that “death” was imminent, Brad was in the midst of a near-death experience. During the hours that he was absent from this realm, Brad was tenderly and lovingly embraced, and taught by a most benevolent, high light-energy group. Through those astounding, life altering teachings, Brad and the group agreed for him to return to this earthly realm. They would aid in his recovery and together, with the collaboration of “another,” would teach human beings, not only what Brad learned, but much, much more, with their generous assistance. The unparalleled loyalty that grew over a great many lives between Brad and one of the high light-group’s members was so steadfast, that when it came time for Kasey and Brad to entitle this group, it was only natural that Brad would adopt this light being’s name, from a significant shared past life experience, and JULIUS was borne.

Courage, strength, persistence, compassion, understanding and love, yes, immense, boundless love, between Kasey and Brad and JULIUS has advanced Brad’s miraculous recovery beyond anything the medical community could have ever anticipated. Today, though he is not physically ready to convey JULIUS’ full transmissions to the public, he plays a most integral role that sustains this magnificent team.

Through their perseverance and tireless work in this global arena, and enduring devotion to each other, Kasey, Brad and JULIUS can claim in unison, that all is falling into its glorious and rightful place.

As Kasey feels JULIUS’ energy within her consciousness, she transfigures into an exquisite expression of divine art in motion and begins to transchannel JULIUS’ message. As we are enveloped into their safe haven, JULIUS elegantly permeates and dissolves those aged, limiting perceptions that can bind us and replaces them with empowering, leading edge, yet practical information, from their endless menu of transformative teachings. Brad, listening attentively, probes JULIUS with his extensive intellect and takes conversations to heights that leaves audiences feeling full but wanting for more.

We have been thirsty for the truth of our origin, and through Kasey and Brad, JULIUS has come to quench and assist us in nourishing the deepest part of who we are, while we are here on this earthly realm, and fully discover how limitless we can truly be. Join them as they teach about some of life's simple and yet complex questions.

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