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Lisa Transcendence Brown on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Encore Show with Lisa Transcendence Brown!

Anchoring 5D by Embracing Your Passion

Experience higher dimensional frequencies within you and learn how to use them to embrace your passion as we speak with Lisa Transcendence Brown who is an Ancient, Ascended Master & WayShower for Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and Quantum Existence assisting with New Earth Transitions.

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Anchoring in the Higher Dimensions by Embracing Your Passion

Learn how to walk in Higher Realms as we hear from Lisa Transcendence Brown on:
- How to Connect to the Passion within you
- Galactic Portals and the Ascension Portal
- Living Interdimensionally
- Changing the Outer World by Tending to the Inner World
- Choosing & Activating the Vibrational Frequency You Desire to Live In
- How to Feel When our Vibration Lowers and How to Instantaneously Shift Your Reality
- Releasing Judgement, Opionions and Human Labels
- Star Particles within You are Being Activated

The Shift in Consciousness begins with each of us becoming aware of our vibrational frequencies in every moment. Each reality in other dimensions exists based on our frequency and we vibrate in and out of 3D and 5D dimensions accordingly. Lisa shares her story of how she is able to raise her vibration and walk in higher realms, and her awareness in every moment allows her to see the Unified Field or Parallel realities. You'll hear how you, too, can access this realm, and learn how to make peace with the outer world, by tending to your inner world. "We have to hold the 5th Dimensional frequency," says Lisa, "we need to Become the 5D frequency, and not allow for anythin less than 5D to come into our lives."

About Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Transcendence Brown works globally to create awareness regarding expanded/multi-dimensional consciousness, awakening and ascension. As a guide, she brings forth higher realm/ancient knowledge to assist others on their “inner to outer journey” and achieving SELF-MASTERY again. She shares from her own experiences as a multi-dimensional being working with the unified field and love. She shares and translates higher realm perspectives to assist others in transcending limiting beliefs, veils in place and the perception of structures and barriers all created for the human experience here. The flipping and merging of realities is a confusing journey, therefore she provides tools for navigating with greater understanding and ease.

With a focus on expansion of the inner world to become a CREATOR again, she walks on NEW Earth and acts as a cosmic portal for others desiring to do the same.

She takes the illogical world of the human/soul and merges them to makes sense. She translates cosmic light frequencies to assist others in understanding vibrational realities and their materialization in the physical here.

Her own journey has allowed her to bring forth ancient knowledge on a wide range of topics such as embodiment of the soul/higher self in the physical here, the LightBody/Merkaba, the Evolution of a Human Star BEing, DNA Activation and Re-Programming, Quantum Existence and REMEMBERING MASTERY from within.

She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is the author of Awakening To Remembering and Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering, Awakening & Ascension Guide Book.

Her work/sharings are Light Encoded to raise the vibrational frequency of all who receive. You may find out more via her website where she offers personal sessions, Online Live Events and Video Courses, Frequency Activation MP3’s, Books, Workshops and Retreats on Kauai. You may also follow her on Facebook where she shares in real-time and often translates cosmic energies and light activations for all who resonate with this, while working to unify souls and Star-Light-Beings together in commUNITY, love and REMEMBERING who they truly are again.

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