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Jenny Schlitz on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Jenny Schlitz

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Psychic Awakenings: Communicating with Higher Realms
As a child, Jenny Schlitz was taken to the edge of the forest with her grandfather who showed her how to open a portal to the faery realm. Later, when her grandfather passed, she shut down her gifts and didn’t return to them until later in life when she began seeing Earth-bound spirits. She has now learned how to be a bridge between the realms and assist humanity in the ascension process.

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Enjoy this Healing Conversation with Psychic Intuitive Jenny Schlitz who discusses:

About Jenny Schlitz

Jenny Schiltz is a Bridger between the dimensions, she is able to hear and see those in other dimensions, creating a bridge for the information to flow. She channels some of the Ascended Masters delivering messages for humanity during this exciting time. She als0 uses this ability to help others get in touch with their spirit guides as well who offer support and guidance for the journey.

As a child, Jenny could see and communicate with other beings and elementals. This ability was fostered by her grandfather. He passed when Jenny was 8 and in her attempt to find others to share her experiences with she was met with fear and disbelief. She shut down her abilities and locked them away deep within herself. While she was always interested in spiritual things, she did not allow herself to reconnect, instead she relied on others. She spent the majority of her life repressing her natural abilities, living a life that was considered normal. Not honoring who she was left her in poor health physically and mentally. She suffered from depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and pain.

She began her awakening in 2012 and it has been an exciting and intense ride. In 2013, her grandfather busted through the barriers and blocks she had placed around herself. She was amazed to see him sitting in a chair as he told her that she was wasting her gifts and that it was time to open back up. With that, she began working on her fear and doubt, willing herself to open and asking for assistance in all forms. Initially she saw earth bound spirits and helped a few cross while listening to the incredible stories of what they had learned on earth. Then she began to see and hear the elementals that surround our beautiful world and learned from them about the great imbalance in the environment from a unique perspective. Eventually, she began to communicate with beings from the higher realms and was introduced to some of the Ascended Masters.

Jenny is a mother of 3 wonderful children who have kept her very busy and grounded during all the changes taking place within and to the collective as a whole. She feels that coming from this prospective allows her to understand the diverse aspects of going through a spiritual awakening while maintaining a foot in the world around her. She offers practical advice and understands the demands that can be placed on a soul in transition. She also understands the cost of not honoring our true self and our calling and uses that information to assist others in reconnecting with their highest aspect. She strives to teach through empowering each person to be their own master, their own healer. She works in depth with a person’s spirit guide and helps to facilitate the clearing of blocks, chakra healing, and the daily maintenance tools that can help you on this journey. Her main goal is to empower the person to look within, to trust and love themselves completely

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