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Healing Conversations

Joanne Chambers

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Show Guest: JoAnn Chambers

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DNA Activation with Multi-Dimensional Music

DNA Activation is a spiritually focused process of awakening dormant potentials within the multidimensional human DNA codex. Our Intention is to unlock these codes using our multidimensional music & sound. Experience this Acoustic Episode of Healing Conversations and hear samples from DNA Activating Music by Gary and JoAnn Chambers

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JoAnn Chambers on Today's Healing Conversations

DNA Activation is a very new topic for consideration in your life. It really started to rise up in the grass roots consciousness circles in the late 1990s. As you research the topic you are going to find all kinds of themes and variations on the approach. We suggest you do some research to find out what makes the most sense for your particular life path at this time. We offer transparency and an abundance of information for you to explore our body of work. We believe that an aspect of this work is that you feel confident in the qualifications of those offering you support and guidance. Their background experiences regarding the potential results is important in choosing the right teaching or method for you; as well as the accessibility, responsiveness and openness to those creating it. The financial exchange you offer anyone doing this work should be in alignment with what you receive. It is a gesture of respect to honor them for their dedication to the path of awakening consciousness.

About JoAnn Chambers

JoAnn Chambers is a psycho-physical-spiritual therapist/sound healer/shamanic guide who has been working with clients utilizing these soundscapes in her private practice for over 25 years. She offers an abundance of knowledge, wisdom and insights about how to work with this music for optimal results throughout all phases of one’s transformational journey. She uses music and sound as a potent way to guide clients into the experience of both their inner and outer worlds; integrating them into an empowered state of being. She is also a multimedia artist and creates all the content, art and designs surrounding all their projects and her vocal sound healing tones are heard throughout many of the soundscapes. Gary and JoAnn have been creative partners since their divinely blessed union in 1987, joining both their unique talents into a complementary expression of higher creativity. Their combined gifts of music, art and writing are shared with impeccable sincerity, to assist humanity in the next steps of true Freedom and Conscious Evolution. It is their life’s mission to ride the sonic waves of multidimensional realms on the leading edge of conscious evolution now unfolding on the planet — to assist humanity to tangibly connect with both the outer and inner worlds of manifestation.

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