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Healing Conversations

Lisa Transcendence Brown on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Lisa Transcendence Brown

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September Equinox: Cosmic Ascension with Lisa Transcendence Brown!

Ascended Master Wayshower Lisa Transcendence joins us to talk about Cosmic Ascension, Recognizing New Earth, Frequency Shifts Within and How to LIVE in Joy! Quantum Existence: This is How WE Live (It IS Simple). Quantum is where "Awesome" Lives and as we go Quantum, it's where WE live too!

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Anchoring in the Higher Dimensions by Embracing Your Passion

A Note from Lisa

The speed of Light is instant and it spans all dimensions at one time. Delays do not exist. All occurs simultaneously in all spaces, for all spaces are one.

Embodiment of Light as a Light BEing allows you to span all dimensions at one time as well. The physical body vessel that used to hold density and distortions has gone through a purification process of where these lower frequencies were held inside. These cosmic light frequencies activate the higher light frequencies inside of you, and as they do, the old frequencies begin to transmit any thoughts that operated at those frequencies to start to play, as well as the outside holographic illusion play (physical reality).

Stepping back into your body and maintaining observation mode will allow you to hear & see your own program as it simultaneously plays out there. Role players in a role player game.... change your role, the game changes...

These steady streams of pure source light, rainbow frequencies, diamond light codes, golden ray frequencies are continually activating your new encodements for you. Your job, role, mission, purposes are to emobdy them, hold them, inside of you at all times and honor integration, honor the moment, honor you and all life-forms simultaneously AS LOVE again.

The fall from consciousness nears the "End of Times", end of an era... and the NEW further begins. WE've been working forever to reach this marker-point in time, which is just a vibration... many of them... frequency bandwidths that create physical realities through states of consciousness. The more conscious the more realities one has to choose from. The more light held in the physical structure, the more one can walk in all of these physical dimensions here.

Light "bends" the old realities and obliterates the old structures held in place. Light activates life, causes all to come alive gain, online again... The physical body was dead, dormant... and as it awakens too, it comes alive as an organic living organism, breathing life through every particle and cell. Light reprograms, light transmits. All of these light frequencies you hold inside transmit that hologram out there. Your actions, your thoughts, your words, your entire body transmits...

This much awaited "time" of the physical ascension of Gaia Earth into the 5th Dimension means exponential upgrades to the physical (body/world) to now match the frequencies of light that you all hold inside of you. That world out there that held density now upgrades exponentially into these new frequency bandwidths too. The density has been purging, transmuting and transforming and will continue this, yet the "speed of light" will now apply to it too.

All have waited for this and now it is here... now all begins...

How you experience will still be up to you. Your opening up your mind, keeping your heart & mind open, continually relaxing your mind/body so that BEING A PURE LIGHT BEING is your natural state here.

In-service as Light is how you exist. Pure Divine Love, a powerful force, is who you are at your core. Energy, focused energy that emits and radiates out. From your entire existence, your Star-Light-Body fully activating your organic intelligent solar crystalline structure to further come online with this new higher light gridwork that comes online more with every intentional breathe from inside of you.

The delay of the old frequencies were caused by your slow human mind and the frequency distortions that all held inside. Those distortions triggered by photonic light, make all visible so that the belief of them can be transcended instantly where one is present inside their body fully and transforming all into light.

This intentional transformation allows for alternate realities to become visible so that one can actually affect the outcomes intentionally now. The power to affect the collective through continual transmissions without the distortions of the old, this is the NEW EARTH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS GRIDWORK that you hold inside your body with your upgrades that occur in every moment now.

You affect all in every moment by BEING A LIGHT BEING as your natural state. Where there used to be a "gap" between dimensions that was dictated by the frequency distortions you held in your human body and delayed by your human thinking mind, this "delay" is gone as you OPERATE AS A LIGHT BEING at all times now. The delay across dimensions was you. It was your own separation that you held. Your own physical density. As you unify your heart/mind/body as one ... streaming pure light frequencies, you hold/move through the dimensions as light forms now. Your physical body is the vessel you chose for your journey here. As you release your attachment and identification to any form at all, you will find that options open up to you as you travel more freely in all states now.

What used to only be available in a closed-eyed state, continues to be visible in the open-eyed state, as the two cease to hold separation within you. Everything separated out there, every form you identify with is your separation and identification too. Observe from a more expanded space to see beyond form. You will find your abilities expand exponentially as you do.

Gifts come as you see all as a gift. Abilities expand as your consciousness expands in light. All just a part of who you are and how you exist. All a very organic and natural evolution back into who you've always been. Remembering fully what you had forgotten. All visible as veils are removed. Your visibility and existence is up to you. Merging your human aspect into your higher self aspects allows for total integration into the light here. Pure natural form. Sacred simple playful pure existence again. ♥

About Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Transcendence Brown works globally to create awareness regarding expanded/multi-dimensional consciousness, awakening and ascension. As a guide, she brings forth higher realm/ancient knowledge to assist others on their “inner to outer journey” and achieving SELF-MASTERY again. She shares from her own experiences as a multi-dimensional being working with the unified field and love. She shares and translates higher realm perspectives to assist others in transcending limiting beliefs, veils in place and the perception of structures and barriers all created for the human experience here. The flipping and merging of realities is a confusing journey, therefore she provides tools for navigating with greater understanding and ease.

With a focus on expansion of the inner world to become a CREATOR again, she walks on NEW Earth and acts as a cosmic portal for others desiring to do the same.

She takes the illogical world of the human/soul and merges them to makes sense. She translates cosmic light frequencies to assist others in understanding vibrational realities and their materialization in the physical here.

Her own journey has allowed her to bring forth ancient knowledge on a wide range of topics such as embodiment of the soul/higher self in the physical here, the LightBody/Merkaba, the Evolution of a Human Star BEing, DNA Activation and Re-Programming, Quantum Existence and REMEMBERING MASTERY from within.

She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is the author of Awakening To Remembering and Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering, Awakening & Ascension Guide Book.

Her work/sharings are Light Encoded to raise the vibrational frequency of all who receive. You may find out more via her website where she offers personal sessions, Online Live Events and Video Courses, Frequency Activation MP3’s, Books, Workshops and Retreats on Kauai. You may also follow her on Facebook where she shares in real-time and often translates cosmic energies and light activations for all who resonate with this, while working to unify souls and Star-Light-Beings together in commUNITY, love and REMEMBERING who they truly are again.

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