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Miriam Katz on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Miriam Katz

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Removing the Mask: Navigating the Path through Shadow into Light

Shamanic Life Coach Miriam Katz encourages us to embrace adversity and obstacles in our life and she leads us on a journey into our darkness which is a portal to our brilliant light. It is also a journey to embrace and nurture the inner child as love is a transformer of all problems.

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In this Healing Conversation, Miriam discusses:

About Miriam Katz

Miriam Katz is a shamanic life coach and master healer. She guides people to journey through the source of their blocks into oneness.

Her name means “to raise up”, a passion Miriam channels by empowering others through loving facilitation. Her intuitive abilities of seeing, feeling and knowing provide a gateway to increased connection with the source of life.

Many have experienced release of limiting behaviors and emotions, physical and emotional revitalization and deepened intuitive abilities through their work with Miriam. Her authentic presence and gentle guidance facilitate self- love and compassion.

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