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Dr. Suzanne Lie

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Today's Show: Dr. Suzanne Lie

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Season 8 - Episode 69
Finding Your Light Body

Join Dr. Suzanne Lie who will channel messages from the Arcturians on Ascension and how we can experience our Light Body. In this episode, the Arcturians lead us in a guided meditation to Find Your Light Body. Lightbody is the YOU that resides within the light of every synaptic junction of your neurological system, and within the core of the 97% “junk DNA.” Your Lightbody has a neurological system much like your physical body, but instead of resonating to the third and fourth dimension, your Lightbody resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Your Lightbody is what keeps you “alive,” and your High Heart and Third Eye rule it. Your physical heart and your physical brain rule your physical body. Your etheric body of your fourth dimensional self serves as the frequency interface between physical body and your Lightbody.

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Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Dr. Sue and The Arcturians!

Can you recognize your light body self who is choosing to resonate with the frequency of unconditional love? Experience a meditation in Finding Your Light Body in this meditation. Below is an excerpt from the Meditation Transcript.

Allow your multidimensional mind and your High Heart
to take on a beautiful tour through
the possible realities that you can choose
to inhabit with your ever-expanding consciousness

While your Lightbody directs your journey

Your own inner Lightbody,
Which has revealed it’s essence to you

Is the fifth dimensional expression
Of your Multidimensional SELF

This “expression” is the YOU who
Can merge with a reality of your choice

In which you can FEEL and can LIVE
As your True Inter-dimensional SELF

This Reality
Your Lightbody
The unconditional love
And the Violet Fire
ALL exist within your Multidimensional SELF,

Simultaneously, your Multidimensional SELF
Exists within your Lightbody

Within Multidimensional SELF
your “sense of SELF” is within your Lightbody
AND your Lightbody is within your “sense of SELF”

Hence, do not search for your Lightbody

Instead, search your OWN your “sense of self”
In which YOU are within your Lightbody
And your Lightbody is within YOU

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About Dr. Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. Suzanne first stepped onto her spiritual path in the mid-1970s when she met her first spiritual teacher. Since then, she has had many teachers and initiations.

Her life in the physical plane was quite “normal” as her spiritual work provided her with the confidence to continue her educational training to obtain a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Her studies included personal psychotherapy and focused on alternative methods of psychotherapy, such as hypnotherapy and guided meditation, which gave her tools to help herself, as well as others.

In 1999, after two years of prompting from the Arcturians, she began sharing her insights on her website where her full spiritual journey is described. “Coming out” of the spiritual closet was not easy, but fortunately, documenting her journey and talking to others all over the world with similar experiences allowed her to fully accept and embrace her true SELF.

Once she built a solid foundation of knowledge regarding the journey back to the multidimensional SELF, she began writing the two volumes of the book, Becoming ONE, People and Planet: A Manual for Personal and Planetary Transformation.

She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

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