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Kimberly Caldwell

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Today's Guest: Kimberly Caldwell

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Season 8 - Episode 33
Healing with the Archangels: Breaking Poverty Consciousness

Poverty Consciousness affects everyone, even the millionaires. Once we become conscious of how this dis- ease is affecting our well-being and abundance or lack of it we may do the work of healing and clearing this with Ease at our own pace. There is no right or wrong with this process and everyone must go at the pace that is comfortable for them. The payoffs are huge. One can expect to feel better and more free than ever. This is a huge job and needs Divine Help. This is why the Archangels are here to help us with this.

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Join Kimberly Caldwell with show host Lauren Galey to learn why the Archangels are here to help us.

Archangel Michael is here for Protection.

Archangel Metatron creates well –being with Sacred Geometry.

Archangel Raphael is for Health and Abundance and the two go so well Together.

Archangel Gabriel gives us Creative Inspiration and Hope.

Archangel Haniel shows us the way to allow more Divine Love in our relationships.

Archangel Camael is there for us when we need more Courage. The Archangel with Mars energies will infuse

us with strength.

Archangel Zadkiel fills us with Divine Forgiveness so we may have Peace.

Archangel Raziel shows us Divine Wisdom and Intelligence.

Archangel Uriel brings Peace to Us and Our Universe.

It is said that the Archangels are the Divine Beings who help Us make LOA work and we will get ideas on how to petition them for help in all areas. Angels respect the “free-will” law and will not help anyone unless asked. We will ask and receive Divine Help and Guidance.

A Note From Kimberly Caldwell

My first book, 8 years ago was, How Green Smoothies Saved My Life. I had studied the natural food masters for a decade and wanted to bring a book that was practical and offered something for everyone. Shortly after the book, there was a health crash. I got a long lesson on the connection between our Emotions and our health. I went after the masters on clearing negative emotions, I also found such a correlation between how people worry about money and how that affects their health I pulled in my decades of studying Abraham Hicks and all the Prosperity Masters. Teachers like Neville Goddard, John Randolph Price, Catherine Ponder, James Mangan, Florence Shinn and Og Mandino were all combined in an Alchemy of sorts to create the program Activate Your Abundance book and Meditation Program. It is a 44 day program that was channeled. After my book How Green Smoothies Saved my life came out and during my crash, I got recruited to do a radio show -- this is where i received the training to make all the meditation audios. During my year working on this show (which is attached to my website together publishing with the youtube station) I kept asking every guest probing questions of how to handle all the stress and anxiety. I understand I was having Ascension symptoms and since finding the Archangels am back in my power. I have those symptoms under control and want to bring tools to help others with this.

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