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Miriam Delicado

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Today's Guest: Miriam Delicado

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Season 8 - Episode 73: Light Ship Experience Caught on Video!

ET Contactee Miriam Delicado joins us LIVE to discuss the amazing video she captured of a Light Ship. We'll view this video in this presentation and hear comments from Miriam, who'll also be taking audience questions. The video is remarkable and you'll see shifting colors, sizes and shapes. At one point it looks like a being standing in the center of an energy circle. The film was taken on Dec 24-2015 in a rural area in Norther British Columbia, Canada by Miriam Delicado. What makes this film even more interesting is that someone caught a similar light ship the day before off the Baja coast near California.

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At the age of 22, Miriam Delicado was abducted from the car she was riding in and taken on board a starship for a meeting with who she calls The Great Ancestors. These tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed beings (not the Nordics or Pleiadians) downloaded the history of the Earth into her consciousness and ignited her purpose on Earth. Listen in to Miriam’s personal story and how she now communicates telepathically to indigenous tribes around the world.

About Miriam Delicado

Miriam Delicado since childhood has been in touch with the other worlds and energies of life beyond our earths dimension. During a physical encounter in 1988 with Tall Blond Extraterrestrials, Miriam was given insights and information from these beings regarding who human beings really are and the purpose of life on planet earth.

With this deep understanding of the creation of life she began contacting indigenous people around the world. There is a Sacred spiritual fabric of life that the indigenous still connect with and through their ceremonies they hold the world in balance. We as a planet are moving through a time of transition into a higher state of awareness and consciousness. With guidance from the Tall Blond ET's we are guided to awaken the soul and mind to live in harmony with the earth and all life.Miriam is in touch with other worlds and energies of life. Through contact with Extraterrestrials learned the true purpose of life for humanity.

This drawing is a rendition of the beings she refers to as The Great Anscestors.

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