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Quantum Conversations

Quantum Conversations

Lisa Transcendence Brown on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Season 9 Episode 29: Preparing the Equinox with Lisa Transcendence Brown!

Ascended Master Wayshower Lisa Transcendence joins to discuss the upcoming Equinox and how the energies are transforming us into the New Human! In honor of everything activating, please join us LIVE to discuss everything from NEW Earth & Quantum Existence, multi-dimensionality, embodiment, sleeping & dream states, expanded consciousness, galactic frequencies and more more more!

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A Message from Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha beautiful Love Family,

Physical body upgrades, physical reality upgrades... these increase substantially for all....

If you are noticing that you are feeling different, that what you desire is changing as you move further into your heart.... awesome!

Strange for some, yes... detached from old stuff.... yes... not caring about the same things.... yes.... not sure what's next.... yes..... a flutter inside? A bit of wonder and excitement? Oh yeah...

This is how it is. Your head won't know anything, yet you know inside... you feel it, even if you cannot explain it... it doesn't matter.... be patient and hold that NEW higher vibration, that new desire for your next awesome reality, that new place of no longer being willing to compromise.... and you DO whatever it takes, according to the beauty of your own soul and divine higher wisdom that you hold already.....

JUMP time means you are not still trying to hold on from fear , safety or lack; that you KNOW you are not only worth more, but your time, your energy, your gifts, your everything is valued and important. You are coming to value your own soul-you... above all. Your contributions, all that you share.... from deep inside of you, these DO make a difference... to all that you connect to/touch... however you choose to do this for you.

This has been a profound time of sacred activations, initiations and processes. I've been sharing different things along the way. I am still (always) working to do more from my websites and through these newsletters. My own physical body is going through a huge integration/re-configuration process right now, so I've had to pull away more and honor it and support it/me first, accomplishing my own commitments as I can. The rest gets done as we can/within flow. Luckily we space everything wayyyyyy out, yet every moment is always full. Even when we are laying on a bed honoring our cellular upgrades, sun charging our cells, or out in nature experiencing more bliss-magic....

WE are always moving on/up loves.... we are always leaving the old stuff behind (transcending from within)... more in every moment. We open up to only that which supports the new, supports our journey, our missions/purposes and us too. This re-construction of all new realities, value systems, these work through everyone's lives... every particle and cell of it...

These NEW realities are sooooo pristine, so exquisite, so profound and sacred.... It's up to each one of us to anchor this in, to hold ourselves and our realities to these new vibrations.

WE bust out of those old limited realities, we see where all was not in-alignment that we allowed. We see where we've outgrown old relationships, old purposes, old vibrational everything... and it's BEYOND Freeing and Liberating to experience in every moment now!

We've got a packed calendar, so check it out, if you are interested in joining us for various events. Something for everyone, especially those ready to JUMP more and anchor the other dimensions of amazingness here! ♥

About Lisa Transcendence Brown

Lisa Transcendence Brown, B.Msc., is a globally recognized WayShower, Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Coach, New Earth Physical Ascension & Empowerment Guide assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within. As an embodied Ascended Master & Ancient Key-Code-Holder, she brings forth higher consciousness wisdom and knowledge to assist all ready to embrace their own Quantum Existence now. She empowers you to embrace your own magical journey to JUMP into the next phase and to transcend the old human limits once believed as true.As a highly respected visionary and sage, she is regarded as an expert on the Crystalline LightBody, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and Energy Mastery. She shares from her own experiences and works through the unified field as love with a focus on transformation and expansion beyond one’s current physical reality. All of her works are Light Encoded to activate and raise the vibrational frequency of those who receive.​​She holds a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science (B.Msc.) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is the author of two world-renowned books: “Awakening to Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness” and “Navigating Dimensions: Reminders for Remembering, Awakening & Ascension Guide Books” with several more on the way!

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