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Online Healing Retreat

Group Channeling with Master Teacher of Lao Tzu ~ Source Consciousness

with Alison Murtough

Sunday, March 13
Time: 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern /6pm GMT

Includes Online Event with Online Playback
Plus MP3 Download of program

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Online Healing Retreat Description

Group Channeling with Master-Teacher of Lao Tzu ~ Source Consciousness

During this unique interactive event you will meet and be immersed in the loving and powerful wisdom of a timeless and omnipresent Master and gateway to source energy, using Alison as a channel to communicate through whilst she enters a light trance state. Experience profound wisdom and powerful energetic transmissions through dialogue with this limitless being ­ a catalyst to self­realisation; best described as a non­physical intelligent energy ­ the collective unconscious, or your higher self. Come prepared with your questions or listen to others and soak in the bliss. Everyone who has the opportunity to be in Master’s presence recognises this energy. As there is no separation, you remember that part of self which many have forgotten. Master identifies and clears blocks to your full expression as a being of light and love.

Click here to purchase Now: $33

The above Online Healing Retreat in included in this Special Offer:

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Special Offer

2 eBooks in PDF : Elusive Love and Forget Amnesia PLUS The Hexagon Healing Graphic

Two books containing invaluable tools for awakening. Channelled direct from Source Consciousness aka Master ­ Teacher of the great Chinese Sage Lao Tzu.

Plus, you'll also receive the Free Hexagon Healing Graphic in digital download

BOOK 1: Elusive Love:
Master, a divine consciousness who claims to be the consciousness of the collective soul and the teacher of Lao Tzu and Confucius began speaking through Alison in March 2008. Alison became a willing channel of Master's consistently clear and simple dialogue which provides the reader with thought provoking insight and wisdom to questions relating to everyday life, enabling an experience of inner peace, love and ultimately self-realisation.

BOOK 2: Forget Amnesia
Forget Amnesia provides the reader with profound insights which enable the self awakening process to unfold. This is Alison's second book of wisdom channelled through her by the consciousness of the collective soul, aka Master, the teacher of Lao Tzu and Confucius. Alison became a willing channel of Master's consistently clear and simple dialogue which provides the reader with thought provoking insight and wisdom to questions relating to everyday life, enabling an experience of inner peace, love and ultimately self-realisation. Forget Amnesia is a sequel to Alison's first book Elusive Love - the two books compliment each other yet can be read independently. Alison Louise Murtough is an expert in her field of facilitating transformation in people's lives, being a catalyst for self-awakening via her books and public channellings. The style and language are simple enough for a child to comprehend yet the messages initiate deep reflection. The book has its own energy and you almost feel as if you are there listening to the divine source speaking to you.

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15 Audio Recordings of Group Channelings with the Master

Experience the teachings of the Master with 15 audio extracts from earlier recordings of Group Sessions with Alison Louise Murtough. These sessions contain answers to common questions that the Master provides on various aspects of Ascension, Healing and Relationships.

List of Group Recordings on these topics:
A Group Introduction
A Message for the World
Relieving Anxiety about the Future
Cutting All that No Longer Serves
Do you Need a Soulmate for Highest Form of Love?
Manifesting Your Purpose in this Lifetime
Is it OK to Wish for Others?
On Ascension
On Sleep and Ego
On the Hexagon
The Nature of God
Various Extracts
What Happens When We Die?
Loving Self
Why can't We All Awaken Now?
Why do People Suffer in Relationships?

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Special Offer

Get Everything in Package A plus a Personal Distant Healing Session with Alison Louise Murtough (60 min)

A 60-minute Personal Distant Healing Session

Value $159

Here’s what’s included in your personal session:
A 1-hour distant healing session, plus a 15-minute consultation. A deeply powerful energy healing transmitted anywhere in the world. Emotional states a specialty, including grief, depression, anxiety, etc. Physical conditions like cancer welcome. Channelled remedies, Chakras cleared/balanced, Karma Release, Energetic Transmissions (Cosmic Pill and Starseed), Jacobs Ladder, Entities released.

Alison can work on health situations, and anything which you feel you need help with. Being a medical intuitive, Alison can suggest accurate homeopathic remedies along with a wide variety of relevant information depending on your requirements. Each session is tailored to the individual.


The soul speaks to us in many different ways: the song of a bird; the opening of a flower; the sun dancing on water; that little voice inside your head or an unexplainable feeling we call intuition. Even physical discomfort is a way to let you know that your body needs attention. When intuition, physical or emotional discomfort are acted upon, in an appropriate way, a return to health and happiness is possible.

The following energetic transmissions can be included in your session depending upon what is appropriate for you on the day and the overall effect of a session is designed to melt away whatever is blocking your sense of wellbeing and happiness.

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A Note from Alison:

I facilitate you to experience and integrate higher levels of consciousness through powerful energetic transmissions and dialogue with source consciousness. It is my privilege to be a catalyst for your physical, emotional and spiritual transformation, either through a hands-0n healing session, a distant healing or a personal or group channelling session.

I am an expert in my field, having worked for many years (over 30) first as a spiritual healer and then for a time as a VortexHealer and now there is no label sufficient to describe the depth and the effectiveness of the work, as it is beyond anything I have been "taught". Personal transformation is commonplace for my clients as I am able to access and release trauma from the deepest layers within a person's physical, emotional and auric fields. When I am facilitating energy transmissions during a healing session I have the ability to inwardly "see" clients' subconscious processes as an expression of symbolic images and, by utilising my gift of healing, I am able to resolve their innermost issues by releasing emotions and attachments to habitual responses, by changing images that are stored within their subconscious. This is effective both in a one-to-one personal session as well as during a distance transmission session.

An extra dimension to my healing work came into being in 2008 when, whilst teaching a meditation and self-development group, an energetic presence which emanated a tangible feeling of pure love spoke through me with words of deep wisdom and clarity and began to be available to answer any questions I, or others, had. The presence is not, and has never been, in physical form and has described itself as "the consciousness of the collective soul". It taught the great Chinese sages Lao Tzu and Confucius and refers to itself as Master - meaning great teacher. Master is an omni-present consciousness which transcends space and time. When asked who or what Master is the reply is always "Master is beyond comprehension - Master IS". In the beginning my friends would ask personal and then global questions and each time they received profound answers which filled them with a completeness beyond words. I now make this dialogue available to clients and speak publicly to groups which are held regularly in London. Each time this divine energy speaks through me a powerful and loving presence fills the room and each individual present feels lighter, happier and takes this experience and awakened knowledge into their everyday lives.

... are you ready to take your next step?

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What an amazing healer Alison is! Such pure and powerful energy from an open-hearted genuine human being. My life has changed profoundly since my first session with Alison and Master, as have the lives of those around me and all for the better. The glass of life is no longer full or empty - I am enjoying the glass!

Master answers questions with such love and clarity that you cannot but be moved and the world is a much better place. I would highly recommend Alison to everyone, whether you are on a spiritual path or not or whether you are in need or healing or not. Life will never be the same after a session.

Thank you Alison.

Laura Keane UK

When I first heard Master speak through Alison in a group gathering, I felt how right 'his' answers were: on a global level they gave hope that the world can still come right; and on more personal issues 'his' compassion and understanding touched and reassured all of us who asked questions.

On that basis alone I would have come back to hear more whenever I could. But an even stronger draw is from the sense of inner peace that I have felt since that first visit. I feel known and loved and secure in a way I had not known before and that is bringing me great joy.

Gwendy M UK

Alison very quickly went into trance and I could feel the energy waves emanating from the presence of the “Master” within – a lovely experience. The “Master” introduced himself and we could feel his joyful presence. Many questions were asked and I was very impressed by the depth, truth and sensitivity of his answers. The answers I received to my questions were very helpful, opening and stretching. Such answers allow one to satisfy the mind’s need for information and categorisation but also can be used to expand one’s understanding of self. This to me is the sign of an advanced guide who answers can be of benefit to a wide range of people. The answers were expressed in a way that was of most benefit to the asker.

After the last question was answered, Alison quickly came out of trance and returned to her delightful self. Afterwards, I had the opportunity for a longer conversation with Alison and I was struck by her warmth, open heartedness and down to earth practicality.

I am a medium myself and was very impressed by the “Master” and by the close connection between Alison and her guide. I would recommend Alison to anyone needing spiritual guidance or counselling in their life-path.

Peter Mott UK

You were amazing!! I'd had the day from hell with Zac ( I nearly didn't come!) and we did that thing with the essences and then you did it on me and I felt the top of my head open, like a flip up bin, and all this shitty energy fly out straight up and then all this white energy shoot into my head and then my head flipped close. It took about a min, it was amazing!! You are amazing!! Then for the next 3-4 days, I felt a peacefulness that I've never felt before or since. It was the most amazing feeling.. Like I was floating, all nice and free, no restrictions!! Complete peace.

You are so good at what you do! xx

Tehmina U.K

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to comment on Alison's amazing work. She has done sessions for me and also for my sons and my husband. I am continuously amazed by her ability to see the root of problems and to resolve the fundamental issue. Her interactions with the soul/ego are striking and very symbolic of the issue.

Alison works on 'soul issues', but she also can help with more concrete concerns. I have seen immediate results after sessions. For example, negotiations in an important meeting went very fairly, although one party had significant power and was used to getting things his way.

I have tried many different interventions and much energy work and I must say that Alison is absolutely the best!!! I am thrilled and grateful that I have found Alison, and I will probably be her client forever :)

I will keep commenting and update with the amazing outcomes of her sessions.

With gratitude and much love,

Ursula Marsh US.

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