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Combination Session with Light Language Sound Healing

Private session, channeled Spiritual Coaching with Camilla Lindeborg Alm, over Skype International. Camilla works on a multidimensional level, channeling several dimensions as well as through the Akashic Records. Working with your Timelines, Star Family and Contracts. In this format an enhanced and deeper healing will be provided through Light Language sounds and codes.

Duration: 1 hour

Value 150 USD

Item 1
 - Online Healing Retreat

Online Healing Retreat with Camilla Kumara

Lemuria Calling (for Sacred Unity Within)

Recorded Webcast with Downloadable MP3

A timeline-merging experience! We will experience healing vibrations by shifting dimension, receiving Light Language activating codes and by allowing our senses to explore the Lemurian Hologram. All overseened and supported by the beloved Moon Goddesses, Mermaid beings and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.The bridge between timelines will be the Light Language sound codes and high frequency chanting that spiritual guide Camilla KumaRa assists us with.

Camilla KumaRa was present during the late Lemurian Era to assist the shift that was expected on Earth at that time. Her way of transmitting vibrations was then a gift to ease the transition for the blessed community. Now she will assist us in connecting back to the sacred unity within again. For the shift that we are experiencing in our time, as well as for the new template/ the new paradigm.

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