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Online Healing Retreat
~ Spiritual Name Workshop ~

Saturday, Sept. 26

11am Pacific / 12am Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

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Online Healing Retreat Description: SPIRITUAL NAME WORKSHOP
A true spiritual name is unparalleled in its power to accelerate your spiritual growth. It is second only to working directly with an enlightened being. The reality is that it takes lifetimes of dedicated spiritual practice to achieve the spiritual growth that most people aspire to in this lifetime. An equivalent amount of growth can be rendered in a few months through the transformative power of a true spiritual name. Cristo has the ability to provide you with such a spiritual gift. Your spiritual name is derived through contact with your Ego or Individuality, what most refer to as their Higher Self or Soul. Each spiritual name falls into one of three categories: descriptive, corrective, identificative. Cristo has written an article to help you understand the value of each category The spiritual name that Cristo provides you has the potential to be descriptive, corrective, or identificative. The type of spiritual name that you will receive is dependent upon one thing only, and that is the special message of spiritual transformation that is waiting to be delivered to you by your Soul. Click Here to Read Cristo's Article of Spritual Names

Excerpts from Cristo's Article of Spiritual Names:

Yogi Bhajan said, “Hearing your spiritual name is like hearing a prayer or a calling back to your true self.” This is only one facet of the true spiritual name given by a Master. The normal powers of cognition that a person demonstrates upon the physical plane are in reality extensions of the unfettered powers of consciousness of the Monad1 . The Monad resides on his own plane, as the physical body, and its channels of cognition, such as the ears, the eyes, the tongue, etc., reside upon the physical plane. On the plane of the Monad, the term cognition is inapplicable, as there are no differentiated channels of cognition, though we will use the term cognition to describe the powers of consciousness of the Monad. The Monad’s powers of cognition are corollaries of him. In the East, these powers, expressing through the personality, are referred to as Siddhis.

Ramdesh Kaur, in an article, writes, “The sound current within the name holds a kind of accelerating power, so that when you hear it or speak it aloud, you are vibrating more and more along the lines of your own true nature.” With each successive life, God slowly works on the personality to call out these divine qualities. However, the identificative spiritual name, spoken by hundreds or even thousands, is as the ceaseless hammering of the heated metal upon the anvil until the edge of the sword is produced. Ramdesh Kaur, in the same article, goes on to state, “When I hear my name on your tongue, I can hear Spirit calling me home to my own divinity.”

In many contemporary traditions, the spiritual name that is provided by a so-called Master is kept a secret. The spiritual name that is kept hidden from one’s brethren and sistren cannot correct, cannot describe, and cannot identify. I am highly skeptical of the so-called Masters who provide a secret spiritual name to their disciples. I am led to believe that the spiritual names provided by these people are merely four to five dead words, handed out to many over and over again. These names, given by imposters, are devoid of any real power and are merely adornments, glass jewels, worn by the personality who takes them to be real.

The power of a true spiritual name spoken by a true Master has the power to purify the mental and emotional vehicles of the obstacles that keep the personality, on the one side, from merging into its Ego, and on the other, from the Ego being able to use his instrument the personality. The spiritual name is a gift given by the Master though the powers of cognition of the Monad. The three purposes of the spiritual name are, as described above, to correct error in the personality, to describe one’s relationship to one’s own Ego, and finally to identify the quality that is fully potentiated in the Ego that must be developed in the personality. The spiritual name has the power, when spoken, to bring the personality into harmony with the Ego

About Cristo Bowers

Cristo has conducted studies in consciousness since he experienced an expanded state of awareness brought about by physical exhaustion at the age of 16. That experience led him on a 22-year quest to understand God through spiritual, religious, scientific, and metaphysical studies, and the practice of meditation in 1998.

In 2007, after approximately 9 years of meditation practice, Cristo experienced another expansion of consciousness, which ultimately led to his ability to perceive and interpret the superphysical structures and organization that define the human energy field. Some of the information he sees is documented by other intuitives and clairvoyants, such as Carolyn Myss, Barbara Brennan, the founding members of the Theosophical Society, and Geoffrey Hodson, but is often ill-defined or insufficiently elaborated. He also perceives aspects of the human energy field that are, as of yet, undocumented. He has a comprehensive understanding of the human energy field and the ability to communicate this understanding to others.

Since 2007, Cristo has had a private practice as an esoteric psychologist, where he employs his ability to see the human energy field and its superphysical structures and organization to bring unconscious, limiting beliefs and complexes, individual archetypes, and other aspects of the human energy field into the awareness of individuals to facilitate their healing. Throughout the course of his practice, he has kept extensive records and documented thousands of individual cases, from which he has constructed a comprehensive map of the human energy field. He has a strong desire to reveal his insights pertaining to these newly documented areas of the human energy f ield to healers, teachers, and leaders. His goal is to communicate these facts to humanity to awaken it to its underlying unity and singular orientation, thereby ultimately transforming human consciousness.

Online Healing Retreat with Cristo Bowers
Saturday, Sept. 26

11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT

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What Others are Saying About Cristo Bowers

Cristo is a clear channel and a bright expression of DIVINE LIGHT shining in the world. He is a generous, patient and gentle helper to those who come to him. He makes a transforming difference wherever he goes. To the extent that all human beings may aspire to ONENESS and CHRISTHOOD, he is one of those standing at the forefront of the great ascension of consciousness for all of humanity which is now unfolding. He moves ahead and upward, encouraging, uplifting and illuminating the way, for all who aspire to CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

I count it a great blessing to have experienced Cristo's transforming work in my life and to witness his life unfolding in ever greater service to others. He is a light and blessing to all he meets. Blessings on him and on his work! "
Winfree - Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Mystic

"Cristo Bowers is the most gifted spiritual teacher and healer that I have met. He is also a great public speaker: dynamic, articulate, uplifting and frequently humorous. I have observed him do wonderfully transforming healing work for myself, my friends, and family. On many occasions, I have witnessed him provide spontaneous life-transforming insights to those from all walks of life who attend his seminars.

"Cristo is unlike any other clairvoyant I have ever met in using his great gifts to illuminate and bring transformation to the spiritual aspects of people's lives, which in turn ripples out bringing positive transformation into every other area of their lives. He helps them see the big picture of their life in a way that they have never seen before. With laser like precision, he provides precise insights into their life purpose; the core issue(s) to be resolved or transformed in this lifetime; the major archetypal patterns that are expressing in their lives and how these relate to their life purpose; their major enabling or hindering beliefs; and the degree of evolution, function and dysfunction of the major chakras and primary meridians in their auric fields. He is one of only a few clairvoyants who clearly perceive and help people connect with the higher 8th – 12th chakras. "
~ C.V.

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