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Cynthia Charis, M.S., is a transformational healer who brings the infinite possibilities of the quantum field and the Grace of the Divine directly into the heart and souls of those she works with through her transmissions of the Great Beings of Light, the Avatars.

She has been in deep and profound communication with these Ascended Beings of Light in the inner planes for many years. Her greatest passion has been to transmit their collective light, power and love into those who wish to awaken their higher bodies of consciousness and serve as emissaries of truth and love in the world.

Her unique ability to activate the electromagnetic pathways, or circuitry in the biology of her clients with the Light of the Divine has assisted thousands to transform their lives in remarkable and astounding ways. For the past 20 years, she has been in private practice, working with individuals, and giving talks and workshops to transmit the Light of the Divine directly into the heart, soul, and biology of her clients, gracing them with an experience of the transcendent, and a knowing that they can become Sovereign and embody the power of the Divine.

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A Sacred Retreat into the Heart of the Diamond Sun (A special two-day Mentoring Opportunity with The Avatars of the Diamond Sun to prepare for the Great Particle Convergence)

Saturday and Sunday August 5th and 6th - 11:00 AM to 12:15 PST

In this monumental time of 2017, the Year of the Big Reset, we are entering an extraordinary opportunity for personal and collective enlightenment. We are approaching The Great Particle Convergence that will begin at the Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017 and culminate at the Winter Solstice of December 21st, 2017.

This is an epic occurrence for Earth and all of humanity as enlightened particles from the sun and the higher dimensions of Creation are converging to weave together a new timeline for the restoration of Earth and her people into their original blueprint of divine perfection. This is an unprecedented opportunity to propel and elevate our own personal timelines into the reality of our heart’s greatest desires!

Come join me as we bring forth transmissions from the Avatars of the Sun to awaken our original divine blueprint as the 5th dimensional Beings we are meant to be. We will activate the Sun within our own Heart’s Chakra to open the pathways of Ascension within us and blaze forth as the Wayshowers of the New Heaven on Earth.

In this two-day mentoring program we will:

Saturday and Sunday August 5th and 6th - 11:00 AM to 12:15 PST

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An Additional Bonus is Included in this Special Offer

Enjoy the MP3 download of Cynthia’s remarkable previous Teleclasses, recorded this April with Babaji and the Sophia, the Divine Mother of all Creation, on the Power of the Ascended Feminine, and this June on The Temple of the Sun with Babaji and the Avatars of the New Diamond Sun

The Power of the Ascended Feminine

Session 1
In this journey you are blessed with a golden orb of light from the Sophia that leads you into a sacred union with your Beloved I Am Presence in the Holy of Holies within the sacred Altar of your Heart. There, you are purified with the White Flame of Ascension from Serapis Bey that helps to strengthen and ignite your Immortal, Victorious Three-Fold Flame. Babaji then takes you to the Cosmic Temple of Purity beyond the Great Central sun where you craft your Diamond Body of Light so you can stand in the fullness of your Immortal, Glorious Divine Perfection.

Session 2
Cynthia guides you on a life-changing journey to a Temple of Resurrection in the 5 th Dimension where you come face-to- face with a resurrection flame that has your own unique name on it. You are seated in a Golden Pyramid where the Angels, Avatars and Ascended Masters all gather around you and help you utilize this flame to transform your relationships, health, finances, love interests, youth and immortality into your Immortal, Divine Self. Babaji initiates you as a Sovereign Birther of the New Heaven on Earth and together with the Avatars, you open a Portal of Resurrection to assist all of humanity.

A Sacred Retreat into the Temple of the Sun

Day 1:
In this journey, Babaji takes you into the heart of the Great Central Sun where you are gifted with the New Sun of the Fulfillment of your Ascension. Helios, Vesta, Sol, and Alcyone grace you with an illumination of the flower of your own heart’s sun.

You are then taken to the etheric Temples of Ascension and Resurrection to ignite the Flames of Heaven within you and to receive the New Diamond Light Codes. There, you are initiated into your new Crystalline Sun Body that allows you to embody the Great Particle Convergence in your own form.

Day 2:
In this journey, Babaji takes you to the Temple of the Sun in Shambhalla where you expand your soul contract to its highest, most divine potential timeline, and unify your lower bodies with your higher bodies of consciousness in a holy point of peace and bliss. There, you are lifted beyond the laws of gravity, and taken in Babaj’s diamond light merkabah to the Cosmic Heart in the Center of our Galactic Core. In the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy, you are aligned to the pulse of the Galactic core that guides the pace of the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. Here you are witnessed as a new World Leader in the fullness of your glory so you can truly embody the promise and the potential of the Great Particle Convergence.

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Special Offer
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The Great Cosmic Commission Series:
Opening the StarGate of your Heart

Two MP3 Audio Downloads

Come join me on a profound journey into the Temples of Light within your Sacred Heart. Together, we will activate the Codes of Creation that allow you to birth the unique dreams of Heaven on Earth within you.  You are a Sovereign Being who has a profound part to play in the dance of Ascension that is upon us. We are all being called by the Great Cosmic Commission to step up and embody our divinity to create the new Paradigm of Peace on Earth. Now is the time we took birth for. Together, let’s create the miracles we’ve dreamed of!

In the past few months, I have been in deep communion with the great Mahavatar Babaji and the Beloved Sophia, the Mother of the Universal. In the silence of emptiness we have dissolved into Oneness and dreamed together a new world where Light Masters are awakened to their true divine heritage and are fulfilling their highest divine calling. We are the ones called to make this happen. Together, let’s lift our planet into the light of the stars and become the One Body of the Sophia Christ Consciousness for all to experience!

In this two session teleclass, we will fulfill the Great Cosmic Commission to:

Item 3

The Return of the Avatar Series

Session 1: Audio Download Cynthia guides you on a journey to open your Stellar Gateway and come home to the Original Source of Creation that you are. She takes you through the Great Vortex of the Central Sun to activate the Higher Octaves within the Sacred Temples of your DNA that is sealed by Babaji for all time and eternity.

Session 2: Audio Download You are blessed by the Ascended Masters and Avatars of the High Himalayas with a gift to embody the fullness of your True Divine Self. Lord Maitreya gifts you with The Ring of Eternity as you are initiated as a New World Leader in a blaze of glory.

Session 3: Audio Download The series culminates with a blessing from Paramahansa Yogananda as he lifts your blockages into the Temple of his Sacred Heart. As you return from a journey through the Great Central Sun to seal your Divine Mission within your Crystalline Solar Light Being, you are met by Babaji who places the full blossoming of your life as a Rose upon the Altar of the Heart of the Divine.

In this 3 session series, you will learn how to:

Item 3

PLUS An Additional Bonus is Included in this Special Offer
2 Courses of with the Avatars

Course 1: Star of Origin (3 MP3 Audio Downloads)
In 3 sessions, Cynthia helps you anchor into your Star of Origin, your personal home in Source, and pull you out of the third dimensional matrix so you can become one with the glorious 5th dimensional, crystalline-based, solar Light Being that you are. You are blessed with the Rose of Sophia, the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and are aligned with the Ascended Master Jeshua to awaken the Christ Consciousness within you. As you travel through the 7 Sacred Seals, the Portals of Grace, you are lead into an initiation into your Godhood through the Diamond Body of Babaji. The series culminates with the merging of your Kalki Avatar body of Light with the Ascended Master Merlin, so you can embody the power of the Infinite and light up the world!

Course 2: Serapis Bey and White Ascension Flame (3 MP3 Audio Downloads)
In 3 sessions you can enjoy at your own pace, Cynthia helps you to embrace, welcome and integrate the most powerful wave of Ascension to ever hit the planet. She brings forth Serapis Bey and his White Flame of Ascension to open your heart and prepare you to begin to merge with your Divine Avatar Self. You are graced with a profound blessing to ignite your spiritual mission and embody the highest, more glorious vision of your greatest destiny. In all three classes you are Overlighted by the Great MahaAvatar Babaji as he blesses you with messages of divine inspiration and upliftment to become the True Avatar that you are.


Almost immediately when I heard your voice and heard you speak of the ascended masters you work with, I KNEW I had to purchase this course! I have listened to your other two course also now and WOW is all I can say - so much beautiful energy coursing through my body and so much spiritual love coming through during the sessions - it has been a very, very beautiful experience for me indeed - so thank you. I am so excited and feel very honoured to be working with you!

Thank you at a deep soul level again for the incredible gifts you are providing to me and humanity with the work you are doing. It really is making a huge difference - certainly in my life and I am sure in many others also. - Much love, Ariella

Cynthia ... Your ‘Sacred, Divine Channeling’ is THE most expanding work I have come in contact with! Many come close ... but you truly bring THE HEAVENLY ELEMENT into form. It’s tactile!!! This seems so very easy for you to do ... and I am so very blessed with you in my life! And you said it ... “How wondrous and awe-inspiring is Spirit?” Amen to that!!! Bless you, Cynthia! *** So much love - elaya

Thank you, Beloved Cynthia!

It has been a profound journey being in communication with you and traveling with you to solar heights. Extraordinary does not begin to express my experience, so full of grace throughout and without a doubt during our direct contact with the Avatars the energies were soaring, purifying, exhilarating. It has been a delight to be in your sessions, with your clear, profoundly present sharing of the unfolding miracles of light. Thank you! I look forward to listening newly to all the transmissions and so we will meet again. Thank you for the intimate communion. - WNamaste, Sherry

What a glorious closure to these teleclasses with you dearest Cynthia! Thank you once again for being that shining star, that facilitator, the way shower for all of us and many more to come. Thank you for taking on such a tender yet cosmic changing responsibility and carrying it through so brilliantly. - With Ecstasy and Awareness, forever, Raquel.

That was the most beautiful spiritual gathering in which I have ever participated!! I am still speechless at what transpired and eternally grateful to you and the Avatars!!!! It was just perfect and I can’t wait to see where it leads from here. Thank you so much for the facilitating of such an amazing experience! - Linda Connelly
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