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Online Healing Retreats are in-depth audio programs with authentic spiritual teachers and healers who share valuable information you can use for healing, manifesting, and connecting with your Higher Self.

Featuring the teachings of spiritual leaders and healers who’ve appeared on Healing Conversations, these programs offer you a gold mine of ancient wisdom and healing modalities collected from around the world and from on-high by the teachers who now share it with you.

These programs are available in digital downloads of MP3 & Videos which play directly on your computer. You can also burn them to CDs, or transfer them to your portable mobile media devices (phones, ipods, etc).

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The Lemurian Harmony Wave Activations with SanRa

Sunday, February 18

15 Chakra Tones of Lemuria, the Harmony Wave and A Transmission from the Lemurian Preistess Council of 13.
Life on the long lost continent of Lemuria was high vibrational, and those incarnating into physical form existed primarily in the 5th dimension, and slowing vibration down to the 4th and 3rd dimensional realms upon will.

Angelic Support Workshop

Angelic Support Workshop – How to Utilize the Power of Your Angels

Angelic Support Workshop – How to Utilize the Power of Your Angels
This interactive workshop is a sharing of angelic light and practical knowledge about the angels! Everything you ever wanted to ask about angels can be answered – by the angels themselves and the extensive anthropological perspective Elizabeth has to offer.


The Diamond Pathway of the Cosmic Heart with Cynthia Charis

The Golden Age is upon us. The lower frequency timelines of the Earth have collapsed and we have created a new world, a new consciousness and a new beginning. It is time to stand tall and claim all that we have brought forward for the evolution of humanity and our planet. It is time to rejoice and manifest the dreams of our hearts for our new 5th dimensional realty.


Angelic Co-Creation and Illumination Workshop with Elizabeth Wood

Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, on a journey into co-creation with the Universe! Enjoy 3 hours of step by step cultivation of your inner desires and visions in this special Mayan calendar and Native American culture inspired mini workshop! Instant access and a worksheet you can use over and over!


Practical Techniques for Spiritual Advancement with Scott Smith

This Master Series Class will take you through some simple, profound techniques and show you how to use Divine Energy to benefit others and yourself. These techniques can be used in conjunction with any other teachings, sadhana, meditation, or spiritual practices you are currently using.