~ Online Healing Retreat ~
with Dr. Suzanne Lie

Merging with Your Highest Expression of Self

Merging with the Highest Expression of Self

6 Session Series of MP3 Downloads

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
This is a series of six 90-minute experiential programs of Guided Meditations and messages from the Arcturians. In this series, you will be be meeting and merging with your Highest Expression of Self for a constant source of guidance and powerful information. Dr. Suzanne Lie leads us in this experiental event that allows us to access and hold higher frequencies of light. You'll learn a process and technique to in contact with your great aspect of yourself for a great guidance so you can create from your highest expression. Dr. Sue says "In order to interact with the higher frequencies of reality we need to attune ourselves and entrain ourselves with that frequency of our own multidimensional self. As we are in direct and constant alliance higher expression of self, then we have a constant source of guidance that we can carry with us throughout our daily life. Ascend into higher vibrational levels and access the highest consciousness available in this New Golden Age.

In o this series, we’re moving to threshold of 5D where we first communicate with our soul, which is multidimensional. This is a hard concept to grasp at first because we don't perceive our soul as all these beings within one. At the threshold of 5D is where we really need to become masters of our thoughts and emotions because we are moving towards instant manifestation. Dr Sue Says, "it’s one thing to get to the threshold of 5D and another to stay there." Click Here to purchase 6-part series $55.55

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