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Abundance Living Series - Video on Demand Series (12 Videos-on-Demand - 90 minutes each)

Learn how to use Mind-Field Re-Patterning for Abundant Living!

Join David and Erina Cowan in these ‘life-changing’ videos on demand - 12 Courses that teach you how to identify limiting beliefs, negative programming, and all the things that are keeping you from manifesting abundance. 'Mind Field Repatterning' is a method of clearing the roots of suffering through focused intent and advanced pendulum work. This ground-breaking series will give you the tools you need to move confidently through your life's journey … Imagine yourself empowered and fully capable of creating a truly abundant life.

Empower yourself! Learning this simple, systematic method will dramatically change your life and the lives of those you care about. Please don’t hesitate; you owe it to yourself to expand into your full capacity and tap the healing power of your own limitless mind.


CLASS ONE: Time to do a little pruning of the family tree!   
Beliefs run deep in the family roots… held as subconscious patterns in your cellular memory, your DNA. The science of Epigenetics tells us that DNA is changing all the time. You’re not victim to anything…. Learn how to release limiting patterns, shift DNA and how to create a new ‘relationship template’ for your lineage. All of your relationships will benefit from this class!

CLASS TWO: 'Working the number codes'   
Geometries, mathematics and numbers are a Universal Language. All manifestation is organized by numbers. You will learn to find the perfect 'code' to bring in balance and harmonize any issue you can imagine.

CLASS THREE: ‘Rewiring the Brain’     
‘Neuroplasticity’ is the ability of brain cells (neurons) to reorganize and form new neural pathways. This discovery releases us from the old paradigm belief that our childhood imprinting from birth through 10 years old dictates our experiences for the rest of our lives. Learn how to ‘reprogram’ your biochemistry to assist in releasing the past and enjoying life anew.

CLASS FOUR:  'Environmental Adaptation'  
We are organisms interacting with an environment that ultimately includes the entire Universe. At this time of dramatic shift and 'awakening', learning to move with the energies rather than in resistance can a go a long way to reducing stress and actually towards enjoying the process!



CLASS ONE: 'Going Down the Rabbit Hole'  
We understand that the mind, in its infinite creative power, represents the level of cause, while the world, our bodies, and experiences in time and space can all be described as 'effects.' Join Dave Cowan as he outlines the process of 'special issue investigation' that has helped hundreds of clients get clear of their blocks and limitations, freeing them to move on and consciously co-create the life that we all truly want and deserve.

CLASS TWO: The ‘Secret Files’ - Releasing Resistance to a Living a Prosperous Life
We are cracking the ancient 'Babylonian Debt Slavery' code! We have been running this fear-based program for long enough…the reruns have gotten really boring (yawn)!  We’ve been playing it out through different scripts through our ancestral lineages and various lifetimes. This class is about finding where you’ve been ‘hiding’ these files and deleting them. Harmonic Rates for shifting your relationship with finances and for creating a prosperous life will be shared.

CLASS THREE: 'Travelling the Time Lines'
Although we do understand that time is an illusion as another aspect of our belief in separation, nonetheless our 'thinking minds' operate on the assumption of time's 'reality'. Thus we choose to meet the mind 'half way' and work with its assumptions rather than against them. If the mind can recognize the beginning of an event its memory, it can also imagine it's end. Learn for yourself how to 'surf' the timelines and play in the fields of unlimited possibilities.

CLASS FOUR: Living Your Life Purpose… Infinitely Creative and Joyfully Free
Are you having fun yet?? You are meant to be happy: it’s in your nature, whether you have tapped into it or not yet. When you are living your passions (Divine inspiration always brings joy along with it) and letting the creative juices flow…you are in alignment with your highest purpose.It’s your state of Being rather than what you are ‘doing’ that holds any relevance here. Cleaning your mind of what has been obscuring clarity, joy and creativity…opens the flow of these same things in your life. It’s all about ‘tuning in’ to another station of frequencies. Let’s do it!


CLASS ONE: 'Dowsing 101' and 'the Protocol'
Join Dave Cowan for this foundational class in the practice of 'Mind Field Repatterning'. David will cover some of the proven Quantum principles that explain and support your power to create positive change and manifest intent in your life and the lives of those you care for. The 55 point protocol plays a central role in providing professional quality sessions, and covers a wide range of potential clearings and energetic 'upgrades'. You won't want to miss this comprehensive class.
CLASS TWO: '30 Minute Power Session'
Dive deep into chart exploration and clearings with Erina. Learn how to efficiently make your own charts for any topic (the sky's the limit!). You will learn a 30 minute 'Power Session' protocol; a comprehensive session bringing the physical and 'light bodies' into greater harmony and health. Learn to help yourself and others get clear and feel a whole lot better in just 30 minutes.

CLASS THREE: Dowsing 101 Part 2
Dave Cowan introduces the 'next level' of dowsing depth and accuracy with this powerful tool. Together with the '55 point Protocol' and the skillful use of the Cowan's charts, you have before you a complete  and comprehensive method to provide powerful professional-level 'Mind Field Repatterning' sessions.

CLASS FOUR: Working the Lineages and Session Demonstration
Erina invites you to travel deep down the ancestral lineage with her in a 'live' one hour session demonstration.  As with all other 'Abundance' classes, charts and outlines will be provided to assist you in masterfully doing lineage work on your own.... 'prune' your family tree of old debris, and help others release their 'passed-down' limiting patterns.

Total of 12 videos (90 minutes each)

ITEM 4: Online Healing Retreat: Dowsing beyond Duality (2 hours)

~ Video Classroom ~
with David & Erina Cowan

Dowsing Beyond Duality

VIDEO Class Dave and Erina

Video on Demand Description:
Gather your friends around this Video Classroom with Dave and Erina Cowan, where you'll experience a group clearing as well as a lecture of lessons on how you can use dowsing to move beyond duality during this great shift of the ages. Authors of Dowsing Beyond Duality, and dowsing teachers, David and Erina will show you how to use the pedulum as a bridge between the unconscious mind and the superconcious mind. You'll also learn how to find and release unconscious limitations that are holding you back from being the best that you can be. "The mind is a powerful, non-local, co-creator of realities and it works on a quantum dimension," says David Cowan, author of "Navigating the Collapse of Time." This course will teach you how to use the spiritual tool of dowsing to make decisions in your life, build confidence and increase your intuition. The focus of ‘Spiritual Dowsing’ sessions is to liberate individuals from limitation, victimhood and suffering. Through greater understanding of the ‘illusory world’, discovery and release of old limiting patterns through ‘Spiritual Dowsing’ and the practice of true communication students are able to make monumental shifts in their lives, creating new realities.

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Everything in Option 1 PLUS a Personal Starseed Reading (30 minutes with audio recording)

This personal reading with Erina involves a 30-minute skype or phone session with audio recording emailed as mp3 file afterwards. It includes scanning both the maternal and paternal lineages to identify and clear limiting patterns, link up with off-planet connections and 'star of origin' signature vibration. This is done through getting a 6 Dimensional rate (or a number ) that connects one vibrationally with 'home' star. Also included is a shift of your 6D Family Tree template to complete old story lines and raise the family vibration, clearing any congestion in your connection with the Earth and her global community.

Our ancestral lineages and soul timelines extend far beyond the history of planet Earth. In clearings over the years I have often been called to co-facilitate with clients a release of limiting patterns and unconscious traumas that led us to connecting with lifetimes on other planets, in other star systems. I have seen people access memories (sometimes an image, sometimes a feeling) of being present to the completion of an ascension process in another star system or to experiencing first-hand the end of a planet's life cycle.  I have witnessed personal breakthroughs occur when someone is able to connect with a sense of their 'stellar' ancestral lineage.  It's always fascinating.

What you can expect from a Starseed Reading:

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Special Offer

ITEM 1: Mind Field Repatterning Home Study Course      

Mind Field Repatterning is the technique based on David and Erina Cowan's groundbreaking work 'Dowsing Beyond Duality' (RWW Books 2012).  The Cowans have discovered that the core of all healing occurs at the level of mind. Erina and David have found that the spin of a pendulum creates a miniature vortex which opens a 'zero-point' portal for the instant manifestation of focused intentions. Patterns shift and space is created in which new possibilities can emerge. Change happens!

Become proficient in this system through this comprehensive class that you can attend in the comfort of your own home. This class includes recorded streaming of two ‘live’ full weekend classes (20 hours); MFR Beginners and Advanced programs with all e-materials included.  

With Mind Field Repatterning people like your self have experienced freedom through releasing 'stuck' energetic patterns, unconscious memories, shifting DNA and opening their minds to it's unlimited potential. Create tangible changes in your life through 'shifting the field' of patterns like these:

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I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with both of you for myself and on behalf of my daughters. The private sessions, Abundant Living Series, and the Course in Relationships have transformed my life and all of my relationships. Before I started working with you, I was suffering, in pain, overwhelmed and uncertain. Our work together has brought me clarity, healing, freedom, joy, re-ignited my passion for learning. I am in a place of KNOWING that all things are possible. I am more confident and have been accepted into a Graduate Program for Leadership and Negotiations. I am studying the Mind Field Re-Patterning Course and look forward to mentoring with you soon. The sessions for my daughters have brought them more fully into their highest selves. They are joyful, more in love with their lives, believe in themselves and the goodness of life!

My body is now completely out of all discomfort of any kind. Fifteen years of tightness and pain in my upper and lower back were diagnosed as fibromyalgia. This caused terrible pain in my neck, limbs and feet which was completely released and removed at the end of the 2 day course. After seeing many, many doctors, several alternative and integrative healers and various blood and other tests I call this a true miracle! I feel more gratitude that I can possibly say! May God bless you both. - MG

My clients are reporting liberation from whatever the patterns were that they have been holding in the Mind Field. If an experience is impressed upon consciousness, that is holding energy. Every time something is extracted from the Mind Field, then that energy is free to be redirected, so we can become more deliberate in designing the expression of the life situation we are in. - Wow…thank you, S
Mind Field Repatterning is such a profound tool. I am so moved at having the opportunity to be of assistance in this way, not only for clearing the outward beliefs and identities that I hold, but for everyone else. I am getting repeat calls (from clients), I’m getting references and not advertising anything! - Blessings, J.
Dave and Erina are effortless teachers who share big picture truths garnered from their years of studying and living many modalities and truths, including A Course in Miracles. They've inspired me to go deeper into myself to examine and release outdated beliefs, paradigms and baggage that have just... "fallen away".
I wanted to let you know how very grateful I am that you did whatever it was you did in order to make it possible for me to participate in this wonderful course. My experience far surpasses anything I would ever have imagined and I know I am going to be feeling the reverberations of all the pieces you are offering us for a very long time to come.
If I say you have blown my socks off…that will be true. If I say you have blown my mind…that is also true. And if I say both things, we have the feet and the head open and able to serve as entry points for the Light and Love you two are beaming into my everything. Many, many thanks.

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