~ Online Healing Retreat ~

~ The Lemurian Heart Light Transmissions ~
with Eunjung Choi & Yves Nager

Online Healing Retreat
~ The Lemurian Heart Light Transmissions~

3 Presentations with Pictures from Hawaii
(wmv) video download of recorded webinar

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Online Healing Retreat Description:

Join us for a powerful and transformative soul journey and raise your vibrations through the heart of Lemuria! This heart-opening webinar will include beautiful and inspiring stories, meditations and energy transmissions and much more to help you navigate your life with crystal clarity, centeredness and powerful yet loving creational energies of Lemuria.

Eunjung and Yves are offering Lemurian Heartlight Activations based on soul awakening messages and magical healing energies they received through their powerful journeys through all of the Hawaiian Islands. They will also share wisdom heart teachings gained from exchanges with inner plane teachers and masters of light. The Hawaiian Islands are believed to be the mountain peaks of the beautiful and harmonious civilization known as Lemuria. It is also believed that the Hawaiian Islands represent the 7 main chakras of the human energetic body.

This webinar will assist you with connecting to the Temple of Divine Love and Illumination residing in the heart of Lemuria and receiving the codes of fluid love and illumination to activate your original Heart Light and map your life to your highest and joyful soul destiny. If you feel connected to any Hawaiian island and have had a longing to visit or connect, this is a magnificent chance to reveal the mysteries that reside within your soul.

In the first part, we focus on clearing and we will connect with the energies of Big Island of Hawaii (1st Root Chakra) and Maui (2nd Sacral Chakra). In the second part, our focus will be on centering and we will connect with the energies of Lana’i (3rd Solar Plexus Chakra) and Moloka’i (4th Heart Chakra). The third part of this webinar is focused on creating and we will connect with the energies of Oahu (5th Throat Chakra), Kaua’i (6th Third Eye Chakra) and Ni’ihau (7th Crown Chakra).

This webinar includes the following and more:

Online Healing Retreat - The Lemurian Heart Light Transmissions

3 Presentations in Video download

The energies of Hawaii / Lemuria are encoded with the visuals in the Presentation. Includes bonus downloads

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About Eunjung & Yves

Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager are partners on a mission with passion to inspire and help people who are on a conscious path, enlightened entrepreneurs and planetary healers to activate their divine imagination, discover and share their unique gifts with the world so that they can fully live their lives aligned with their passions and purpose. Using their multi-dimensional toolkit, Eunjung and Yves can help you clear, center, and create the life you've always dreamt of and live your life truly magically witnessing miracles on an ongoing basis.

Eunjung (originally from South Korea) and Yves from Switzerland, after having a brief encounter in Kaua'i Hawaii in June 2011, followed divine guidance to meet each other at the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland in September 2011 and had a divine union ceremony in 2013 in their island of the heart Kauai. Since April 2012, they travelled together to over 30 countries on their mission to assist with the global shift in consciousness through sessions, workshops, retreats and sacred journeys. 

Eunjung's bio:
Eunjung Choi is a gifted intuitive and channel, Angel Therapist,  Passion Test facilitator,  Discover the Gift global lead trainer and a sacred journey facilitator. She is dedicated in helping people open their hearts and inner vision to connect with unseen realms of divine guidance and magic and activate their true power of imagination and creation.  Also as a passionate, seasoned world traveler with a big heart for peace and harmony on the planet, Eunjung traveled to over 40 countries and facilitated workshops and retreats along with her partner Yves Nager in more than 15 countries to help people discover their gifts and live a fulfilled, joyful life aligned with their passion and purpose.

Yves Nager's bio:
Yves Nager is a gifted energy worker, life coach, Discover the Gift global lead trainer, Passion Test facilitator and Yoga Nidra teacher. As a transformational guide, Yves is passionate about supporting people in transcending limitations into new possibilities and transforming challenges into freedom. Having overcome many life challenges himself, he truly understands the power of forgiveness and gratitude and our ability to keep focusing on the heart's desires and intention to create miracles. Yves is dedicated in helping you discover your unique gifts and live your life with even more vitality, joy, love and abundance.

Online Healing Retreat
~ The Lemurian Heart Light Transmissions~

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3 Online Webcasts with downloadable MP3 recordings

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