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Goddess Aspect Name-Vibration Reading

I offer a goddess name/vibration reading, where I will tune into your soul and receive information to your soul´s essence and the particular goddess aspect or divine feminine attributes, that will support you in the embodiment of your unique expression of the feminine christ. This aspect and these attributes are all inherent in you, but if not recognised and consciously embraced and embodied, they will not carry much impact on your being. The reading will also highlight your particular soul gifts and talents, that you have brought into this incarnation. As such this is not so much about the name itself, but the vibration, that it carries, as this will trigger and reinforce specific qualities in you, especially if you make use of it and "own its" vibration, it can be a means to a profound shifting of your vibration, that will affect your life on multiple levels, as your individual vibrational signature, is responded to by the universal forces and amplified to your highest good. Please book your reading if you feel called and ready to embrace your goddess aspect and be her voice in the world. Her voice is needed more than ever, and will be the instrumental force to bring back harmony and seeding the new earth consciousness haven on earth. The length of the reading is apx. 35-40 min

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Here are what others say about Grace Solaris

“Grace Solaris is a profoundly gifted leader, healer, psychic and teacher with a powerful connection to the mythos of Christ, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail. In her astrological chart she was born with the Sun conjunct Uranus (genius) with the fixed star Labrum (The Holy Grail) in the sign of Virgo (purity). She has incarnated at this time to guide humanity through the tumultuous birth throes of the dawning Age of Aquarius, a pillar of tranquility and strength in the inevitably stormy seas of the coming years, and in the decades to come will become a beacon of light in the darkness on a mass scale. Anyone who comes into the blessing of her orbit is predestined to meet her, and will receive a powerful, deeply transformational experience that will change their lives forever”.

Astrologer, author and producer Gregory Paul Martin

If you want to align your Soul with it’s most Divine Path!! Connecting with ANGELic Grace Solaris is the perfect investment in your Highest Path’s calling!!! She has a magical way of knowing the most aligned path to navigate your Souls journey. If you are ever in doubt or feeling lost in life, Grace’s insights and heart will lead you back HOME!!! So Blessed to know and Love this ANGEL!!!

Ava Deiki “Raw Beauty in Action”, United States

Dear sister, allow me here to share my gratitude regarding the beautiful session I had with you last week and our beloved Kuthumi.
It was purely magical in every aspect. It was not a typical session as you acted as a conduit and channel for the healing energy of Master Kuthumi and held the space. You did it with so much generosity, trust and peace… What can I say? The energy level was one of the highest I have experienced. So much love , peace, oneness and beauty…I really felt it was zero point and I felt deep healing, a greater expansion of my third eye, rise of the kundalini, recalibration and expansion. I felt bliss, peace, calm and vastness. I also found my higher-self in one of the clearest vision I ever had and my life purpose was given to me and it was crystal clear and resonated in each of my cells. A lot of downloads also happened during the session and at the end I saw myself bathed in that magenta purple light

It was a blissful experience and it was a call. These unique session you facilitate , really clear, activate and heal at the dna level to get you fully ready to start the work. My beloved sister, I am really grateful to you, more than words can express.

So I recommend this to any healer, teacher willing to unlock his or her soul potential. Come with no expectations, for each session is unique but they are all equally magical and bring all unique and unexpected gifts.

Namaste to you Grace! How precious you are !

Your sister in light
Teacher, healer and mentor Leantara Shah, Singapore


Dearest Grace, I am forever and always will be grateful for our session together. We “found” each other on facebook through a mutual friend – it was meant to be. Before I contacted you I read every day the amazing posts that you put on fb. I love the pure wisdom and love that flows from you and I was drawn to contact you.
I was in an extremely depressed state (suicidal, in fact). I have had depressive bouts for the last 40 years and this was by far the worst one. You were extremely down to earth and very easy to talk to. You started to speak you said that Mary was talking through you. You asked me to repeat some very simple words. It was a few weeks later when I recieved the benefit of the session.It is a bit tricky to put this into words. The results from the session are more than I could have dreamed …. With ease I have found myself – I know who I am – I am awakened – I believe – I know the truth. I feel so joyfully blissful. I feel the love in the universe and I can surround myself with it – I love myself totally as I love all other beings totally. I am in love……..wow…….. what a place to be. I understand that I am vibration and energy ….as all else is. I understand that when I pass away I do not die and my spirit will live on in perfection. I understand that all is perfect in our world and that human beings are here to co-create with divine beings and that we are all working together in an ever expanding universe. I understand that our birthright is joy
You gently and lovingly guided me. The understanding and appreciation I feel for you will for evermore shine in my heart and soul dearest Grace…Thank you – forever in gratitude……….my angel sister of light….I love you totally and forever
We are universally as one

Keren Tregidgo, United Kingdom


I was having trouble moving past a loved one, Lonnie who was killed right in front of me. It was a devastating loss, I grieved him for 5 years and resigned myself to this defeated feeling, until I would make my transition. I was in the process of writing about him and lost my Motivation after a few years of struggling. I had a skype session with Grace to help me move forward with my writing. We worked on that, but also what seemed like my endless grief over Lonnie. A few weeks after our session I noticed I wasn´t sad anymore. I couldn´t believe it, I was free and I´ve been going strongth for 2 months, I truly feel the sadness has been released. Also “out of the blue”, I stopped watching TV, which was tough, because that was (had been) my escape. I began to have more energy, my concentration improved and I started to lose weight, which upleveled my life in every area. Lastly, I had placed a free ad on a writer´s Website 6 months Prior. About 2 weeks after my session with Grace, someone called and asked me to join their Group, that was Meeting for the first time, 2 blocks from my house.! My Nonfiction novel is finally moving along and I have faith now, that is will be completed. Miracles, Magic, Alignment with source? You pick! It doesn´t matter to me what you call it, I just know Grace facilitated These jumps in my life to get me back on track. Thank you Grace.

Carrie Christensen, La Habra, California


My Dearest Sis Grace, just wanted to keep in touch & give you my Heartfelt Thanks. I have changed so much, since I got the message you so lovingly passed on to me. I’m no longer sad & lonely.. i have opened my Heart & welcomed my Family of Light & specially Adama.. I feel happy & wanted. Its all thanks to You & Adama. I Am extremely Grateful to Adama for giving me this message of Hope, its like He has lit a candle of Hope in my Heart. And its all Thanks to YOU Beloved Sis Grace for passing on His message. It has changed my Life. I had lost all hopes in my life due to certain circumstances and your message has given me so much happiness! You have brought me back to life! God Bless you & Your Loved Ones Abundantly..With Love & Gratitude..

Ms. Mehroo Fitter. From Bombay (Mumbai), India.


My heart was heavy and unsure for a long while and my sense was that it was connected to my relationship with my father. This I didn’t share with Grace initially, yet she knew and she took me to that dark and painful place ever so gently and carefully. I knew I could trust her and we centered ourselves together to bring forgiveness and healing to dad and my relationship. As we spoke the words of forgiveness and love and as I set my dad free I felt an instant removal of the heaviest block within my heart. I felt and saw it blast out of me and a white flurry of a million butterflies -whoosh, the fluttered up from my heart and hovered over my head and into all the amazing space around me. I am still sitting in that warm space as I write and my heart feels joined with my dad and Grace and love and light like a million butterflies.
I never could find the key to the door to unlock this darkness between my dad and I, and here in this moment Grace simply handed it me and we could celebrate together the incredible goodness of Life. No longer do I need to endlessly seek love and approval from my dad or others, I have found that I am love and I am resting in this place longing to share with others. Grace is truly sharing spirit freely and though our session was via skype, I could feel her love and care and energy as though we were right together in this room. I appreciate every little thing Grace, and I am thankful you are sharing your gifts and working this way. Keep on and know I hold you in my heart,
always! With much love and aloha,

Corry MacDonald
(in Japan and Kauai)

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