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Open Your Heart to Giving and Receiving More Love by Balancing the
Four Fundamental Aspects of Love.
When you resonate with LOVE, your whole life will change. You will be ready to cross the bridge to something new and wonderful in your life. The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene could be that secret key you have been searching for to open your heart.
The Transcripts are both a set of teachings received by Judy Satori directly from Mary Magdalene near the cave where Mary lived at La Sainte Baume in France, and a set of progressive, graduated energy transmissions to open you into LOVE. When combined, the information and the energy transmissions connect you to your inner guidance and reveal more of the truth of your soul. Together, they will instill loving kindness and compassion to help you to be true to yourself and take the action steps required to follow your soul’s wisdom and your own truth.
Tension and anxiety will fade away once you feel into the truth of your soul’s wisdom and treat yourself and others with loving kindness.  You will be empowered to stand firm in your own convictions and take action to achieve your goals secure in the knowing that YOU are doing what is right for YOU.  The goal is fulfilling your capacity to BE LOVE, and when you reach this state of being, JOY will come to you in your life. On a more expanded level, this program is also the foundation for DNA recoding as the love vibration is key to human consciousness upgrade and evolution.
The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene is a truly remarkable nine part, 14-Mp3 audio program that will balance the four fundamental aspects of love within the heart and open you to be able to give and receive more love in your life.

Learn the techniques and insights that have helped thousands of people end their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, break through the barriers to Spiritual Mastery, and directly access their Divine within.

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The next step in the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene series…Go BEYOND balancing love to BEING LOVE
Part one of this work, The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene which was transmitted to Judy Satori by Mary Magdalene at La Sainte Baume, France, balances a person’s love nature.  Being Love: Gateway to Joy is Part Two of the work and moves beyond balancing your love nature to actually helping you to resonate more with the love vibration.
This program consolidates and strengthens the fourth of the fundamental aspects of love ... LOVING BEINGNESS. This is your ability to just BE LOVE.  This program also energetically instills the love vibration into every cell of your body. This enhances your ability to give and receive love, supports physical, emotional healing and deep healing of the soul and will help you resonate with and bring JOY into your life.
Learning how to be and resonate with love no matter what is going on in our personal lives is probably the most important soul learning that any one of us ever experience. It is certainly a rite of passage…a tremendous shift from being attached to the demands and experiences of the personality ego self and truly being at one with our timeless soul self. This next step in the teachings of Mary Magdalene will assist you to cross a bridge to soul love, peace and purpose. The love vibration will become YOU, and YOU will become LOVE.
Benefits and Outcomes

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Angelic communion.  Recorded at La Sainte Baume.
The 150 Steps of La Sainte Baume—a powerful  process of initiation to bring you to a place of increased joy  and peace in your life.
Judy says: “I recorded this in the middle of the night while I was staying at the hostellerie at the foot of the mountain of La Sainte Baume, Provence. The cave chapel on the mountain is where Mary was said to have lived for thirty years. In this CD the angels nurture you and take you to a place of joy—just like they did with Mary. “

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Finding the Love That You Seek
Energy transmissions from Mary Magdalene to Judy to clear old deep level patterns that keep you from feeling, being and expressing the love you seek. The transmissions will help you to move into a great experience of joy and will heal your heart vibration. When we are love, love will find us.

These three programs were transmitted to Judy by Mary Magdalene and hold keys to balancing one’s love nature, attracting more love and expanding into Joy. The free bonus audio Finding the Love You Seek will help you attract loving relationships into your life.

NOTE: The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene are in-depth, intensive study programs. You should begin with the Fundamental Aspects of Love before moving to Being Love: Gateway to Joy. The programs give information as well as exposing you to deep level, catalytic energy work that will transform you and your reality. Each time you listen to these programs the results will strengthen and you will experience real and lasting change in your capacity to BE and attract love into your life. The 150 Steps of La Sainte Baume is a powerful process of initiation to bring you to a place of increased joy and peace in your life. When you listen to this guided meditation you will be supported by the angels, just as Mary Magdalene was once supported by the angels in her mountain home. The two audio tracks can be listened to and enjoyed at any time that is convenient and can be used at the same time as the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene programs.

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This is so wonderful. I'm so very grateful to Judy for the Mary Magdalene transmissions. I feel connected, peaceful, guided and held. Thanks so much for all you are doing for humanity at this time.

Durga A

I am writing to express my heart felt gratitude to you and for all you do. You have lovely and exquisite energy. I first came upon your work five years ago and have been a fan ever since. I purchased many of your MP3's and CD's - last year I bought the The Transcripts Mary Magdalene, what a journey it has taken me on! ...what you are bringing through and what you do is so important, words limit the full scope. The deep love you embody pours out and we all benefit. Thank you for your service to humanity!

Malinda H.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude, love and blessings for all the work that you do for Earth and Humanity. I am so blessed by being able to receive the most beneficial information that you are so graciously making available to the world!

Magdalena E

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