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The Evoloving Soul Package from Linda Backman

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Balancing past-life karma is the key to soul evolution. In The Evolving Soul, Dr. Linda Backman shows how healing relationships, caring for one’s self, and working through fear and loss can help you mend the wounds of your past lives.

Using wisdom she’s amassed from hundreds of hypnotic regression clients, Dr. Backman shows how people create the pre-birth blueprints that infuse life with purpose. Uncover the ways spirit guides and the ascended masters can influence your opportunities for growth. Discover the seven soul archetypes and your soul ray. Providing fascinating examples from dozens of regression clients, The Evolving Soul audio also includes questions from the audience for profound insights.

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This is a 2-Hour Lecture by Dr. Linda Backman, who has studied, taught, and served as President on the Board of The Society for Spiritual Regression (now The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy) with Dr. Michael Newton, Journey of Souls/Destiny of Souls. Michael Newton spent 35 years conducting 1000's of regressions into the Between Lives state to uncover experiences between incarnations. BLSR sessions (3 1/2 hours in length) bring to light specific details concerning transitioning from the body into spirit, and who comes to meet us and guide us as we cross over. BLSR Regression Therapy helps us evaluate our previous lives with soul "friends" and "elders," and illuminates how we choose the details of our next life.

Through the process of relaxation, guided imagery, and hypnosis Dr. Backman will guide you through regression to discover the fascinating, mystical, and wholly real world of the time when we are pure soul. The majority of individuals are fully capable of accomplishing this experience. Gaining the awareness and knowledge of what actually occurs from the time of death until our next lifetime, for many, is a healing tool beyond description.

What are the key elements of purpose of your "thumbprint" soul? Who are the individuals with whom you have lived lifetime to lifetime? What is the unique purpose of your current life? How did you choose your body/brain, those who are your family members, and the steps along the path of this life?

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VIDEO DOWNLOAD or ONLINE STREAMING: Does you soul evolve from one life to the next and why? Where do we do when we die? Have you had lives somewhere other than Earth? How can you use your intuition to know about your past lives? All of these questions are answered in this workshop, assisting you to be of service to Humanity. When your karma that must be released is understood and your Dharma-Life Purpose is embraced, then you will contribute to the evolution of the planet. Dr. Linda Backman's 35 years as a Psychologoist and Regression Therapist will provide you with fascinating information to KNOW that our consciousness is eternal and on-going.

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Online Healing Retreat Description:

Soul Evolution: Your Life Purpose & It’s Connection to Past Lives. This powerful 2-hour Online Healing Retreat with Dr. Linda Backman will provide you with a deeper understanding of WHO you are, WHY you are here and how you can use it to create a beautiful life. This course will allow you to explore your Life Purpose and see how it’s connected to your past lives so you can move forward in your soul evolution. T his course includes powerful, new self-discovery exercises. Click Here to Listen and Learn More.

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BONUS!! Online Healing Retreat Description:

If you lack passion in your life, then you are not living your soul passion. Earl Backman channels the Light Beings, who are here to assist you with a four-step process that will help you find your passion, so you can manifest your soul intention.

"We put a plan in place prior to our incarnation," says Earl, "and we have a pre-birth agreement, a plan, about what it is we are here to accomplish - this is known as our soul intention. When we work to acheive our soul intention, then our soul evolves, eventually leading to ascension."

This program includes a channelled message from how to find the passion in life and translate it into manifesting your soul intention. The light beings will actually be present and will talk about this process.

About Earl Backman, PhD

Earl Backman is an educator, trained mediator, and is skilled in the area of conflict resolution and management. He has held academic and administrative positions at universities in North Carolina and Arizona, following receipt of his Ph.D. in 1971 from the University of Oregon. Most recently he served as University Ombudsman for Northern Arizona University from 1993-1997, successfully mediating a number of conflicts involving university staff, faculty, and students.

Earl has also worked with Linda, his spouse, in making several national presentations on couples therapy, as well as working with couples in her practice. He is an author, a nationally known consultant, and is trained in both Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression, as well as in the application of Shamanic practices. In addition to managing business aspects of The Ravenheart Center, Earl consults with businesses and corporations in the field of conflict resolution.

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A Note From Dr. Backman: "What is spiritual mentoring? Evolving as a soul is important and is a tricky path at times. One of my favorite ways of working is to sit with you, one-on-one, to shine a stronger light on your soul’s journey in this life. Quite honestly, my guides assist continuously, as I talk with you, to know and to offer input about how you can more directly walk your path as you agreed to do in your present body-mind-spirit ‘package’.

As I combine my psychologist skills with my awareness of soul evolution through our lifetimes and through our ‘this life’ soul agreement- --this is your journey forward to advance as a soul while supporting the organic needs of Humanity to reach Oneness.

I’d love to sit down with you either by phone or face to face to be a mirror to assist your soul’s progress." - Dr. Linda Backman

Dr. Linda Backman licensed psychologist and regression therapist, has been in private practice for more than 30 years. Since 1993, Dr. Backman has guided innumerable individuals in regression hypnotherapy to access their past and between lives. In this way, she assists people to more fully recognize who we are as a soul throughout our many lifetimes and during the time we are not incarnate. Regression hypnotherapy allows the client to understand their soul mission, soul progress, soul relationships, and much more. Dr. Backman’s work, includes guiding soul regressions, speaking and writing as well as training others in soul regression hypnotherapy both in the US and abroad.

Dr. Backman holds a profound commitment to deepening and heightening individual and as well as a more universal understanding and awareness of the path of soul development leading to greater wisdom and acceptance amongst all people and cultures of the world.

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