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Private Session: Crystalline Synthesis Activation for Ascension Support and Guidance

Crystalline Synthesis Activation is a vibrational sound transmission that raises and expands consciousness. It has a powerful and transformative effect on our physiology in that it moves through the fluid systems of our bodies and restores us to wholeness. We then have the capacity to move into a new way of being and living with more joy and freedom. 

Through the power of Vocal Alchemy by way of Light Code transmissions (also called the Language of Light), toning and overtone harmonics, I direct higher light codes of energy through my voice into the individual so they can shift out of old limiting thought patterns and programming that have caused pain & suffering. This activates your own innate intelligence for healing and transformation.

Life is constantly giving us opportunities for soul growth and transformation, and it’s each individuals responsibility to be attentive when the Universe is speaking to us. Sometimes we need a little help along the way. I am so honored to support and guide you on your Journey of Ascension with Unconditional LOVE and Compassion.

Some of the many benefits of Crystalline Synthesis:

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Session/Activation: 75 Minutes

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Here are are others are saying about Maryanne

“All I can say is wow!!! The Light Language activation that I received through Maryanne was like nothing I had ever experienced before. My entire being expanded and I felt as if I entered another state of consciousness that awakened me to my Soul’s wisdom. And the way Maryanne held sacred space for me was so tender and nurturing that I was able to let go of old patterns of pain and limitation. A deep sense of renewal now guides me into new and wonderful opportunities. I can’t thank you enough.”

-K.C. Shine

Private Session:

“My session with Maryanne was indescribable. Thank you so much for sharing with me your wisdom and blessings. Thank you for teaching me today how to nurture and heal myself. I felt a bright shift in my consciousness and physical body. The spirit work that has chosen you is progressive and infinite. ALL women need this instruction!!! I can't wait to be in your HEALING presence again and learn from you.”

Much love and respect,
Luphane Shizuko Bonhomme

Private Session:

This was such a profoundly powerful session that I cried. It cleared lots of trapped energy in my solar plexus and heart chakra, and what an amazing voice Maryanne has! She channeled beautiful sounds that were so healing for me and was exactly what I needed to help shift my awareness. Simply divine. thanking you ever so much dear sister.

Celestina Rory, xoxo
Holistic Healer

From Shakti Rhythms Dance Class:

"When I watch Maryanne dance I am seeing the Goddess embodied. She takes dance beyond performance into the territory of prayer. It is a nourishing experience to witness a woman dancing her prayer so sensually and authentically. She shares this feminine wisdom with other women in a sacred and loving container. I am so grateful for her."

Amanda Young
Founder of Urban Goddess

Private Session:

"I initially had an individual session with Maryanne seeking her expertise to address issues around an intense movement of energy in my chakra system. Her calm presence, intuitive clarity in choosing an approach to these issues, and her reverent, knowledgeable actions totally calmed and reassured me. She was attentive and sensitive to my needs and embraced me with nurturing care. I felt safe and held with Love.

I attended Maryanne's sacred dance class series to move through old limiting patterns and energy blocks. She articulated specific practices, i.e. about the dance, sound, mythology, Goddess Wisdom and astrological energies with clarity and insight. Her demonstrations and teachings of magical temple dancing, her ability to share Shekinah Shakti transmissions and create Soundscapes have opened an entirely new pathway for me to heal and know myself as embodied Spirit - free to express Divine life force through bodily movement.”

Laurel Molloy

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