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Item 1: Divine Light Transmission Webinar:

Divine Light Transmission -- One and One Half Hour Webinar/Teleconference

This event is available in via webinar/teleconference 2:00 to 3:30 pm EST.

It is your time to be powerfully attuned to the higher consciousness of the Ascension. The word Ascension simply means ascending from the human consciousness into your divinity.

We begin with an alignment to your Divinity which allows one to be free from excessive thinking, worrying or just plain feeling bad. A blessing of the powerful frequency of the Sacred Fire cleanses your lower bodies of energetically dense lower consciousness.

I will take you on a journey in consciousness and expand your awareness into the 12th dimension of the Ascension. This rarified light and higher consciousness begins to set you free from earthly ties to events, situations and people that are keeping you in a place of non-transformation.

As our hour and a half together draws to an end, I invite a blessing of the pure atomic light of the Ascension to embrace you, your relationships, your businesses and all of your affairs. As the Light of the Ascension continues its blessing for days, you feel a definite shift in your consciousness that leaves you freer to love and to be happier and more whole.

The call-in information will be emailed to you once you are registered.

Upcoming dates:

· November 19 -- 2:00 to 3:30 pm EST (Webinar/Teleconference only)

Item 1

ITEM 2: Energetic House Cleaning -mp3

Enjoy deep and thorough energetic cleansing, greater abilities to use higher dimensional light, building powerful force fields for yourself and your home, as well as opening to higher states of consciousness with Maryji.

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Item 3: Blessings for Ascended Master Consciousness -mp3

 In our hour together we will explore the Ascended State of higher consciousness. You will receive blessings, activations, information and guidance on the higher state of consciousness. Imagine a consciousness free of duality. A consciousness that is so pure, wisdom filled and radiant with pure love that the eternal presence within one that is ascended seeks only to heal, bless and illuminate all! Join me in this activated recording to bring you closer to the ascended state of consciousness!

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Item 4 Blessings for Ascension Vol IV -mp3


Vol IV of the Ascension Series includes activations and guidance for your awareness to expand by going up the “ladder” to the higher dimensions. These activations go hand in hand with creating a consciousness shift within you to live a happier, fuller, richer life which in turn creates more love and light on the Earth. This CD is designed to soothe you, bless you, inspire you and empower you to your next level of consciousness.

In the privacy of your home, you will be transported into the higher dimensions of the Ascension and learn how to become one with the higher dimensions that you may become a great radiator of the most high light and love. 


• Receive a deep and thorough energetic cleansing for your entire being.
• Journey to Higher Consciousness!
• Receive Silent Darshan (Divine Light Transmission).

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Item 5 Maryji’s New Book: Awakened

Physical book mailed to you

Plus shipping

Awakened --- My new book!

In 2017 I knew it was time to write a book about some of my spiritual experiences that I had gone through as I awakened to higher consciousness. During my time writing this book I had the constant awareness in my consciousness that by recording my sacred experiences, my hope was that I could inspire my brothers and sisters to feel the desire for their divinity to awaken and have the awareness of a great unity of oneness with the Infinite.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the following excerpt from my book Awakened. Here is a portion of Chapter Five, titled ‘Service Work in Asia with my Friend the Monk’. This event took place in 2004 while I was doing charity work in Myanmar.

“After telling our group the legend, the Monk asked us all to meditate in the room with the golden Buddha. I could feel something big was getting ready to happen. Then the Monk asked each member of our group to come up, one-by-one, and place our hands on the golden Buddha.

Some members of our group went up immediately and placed their hands on the Buddha, and nothing significant was experienced. I was reluctant to move, knowing something huge was about to occur. Then the Monk looked at me, and it looked to me as if he had fire coming out of his eyes. He marched up to me, grabbed my arm, and pulled me up off the ground. (He is a small man so that took some strength!) He pulled me to the Buddha and I placed my hands on the Buddha.

My body immediately began to undulate uncontrollably. I tried with all my strength to remove my hands from the Buddha, but it was impossible for me to do so. Something above me in my upper Light bodies broke open, and Light poured down into me. I was awakening to my lifetime as that Enlightened Monk, who asked that his bones be buried under the statue of the Golden Buddha at that temple!

The Monk cleared the temple to allow me some sacred time with my experience, and I took off running. I ran down corridors, into rooms, and through the entire building, awakening to the life I had there as that Enlightened Monk in an ancient time. I remembered every room, every hallway, and every archway leading from one room to the next.

Then I began to know my past lives. It was as if a gateway had been opened, and the history of my Eternal Immortal Soul flowed into me. It was huge! So dramatic and transformational, to say the least! A powerful, mighty stream of consciousness awakened me to the knowing of Oneness, the interconnectedness of life, the awesomeness of Love, the fierce Light of the Infinite.”

I have found in my own experience that awakening is an unending miraculous awe inspiring day to day activity!

May you be blessed in every way possible!

Love and Unceasing Blessings,


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Special Offer
Item 1

How to Create Luminous Light Bodies

By creating Luminous Bodies, we become conduits for the Divine Light which transforms your consciousness, centers you in your Divinity during the chaotic times in the collective and adds to the Light Quotient on the Earth.

Item 1 Name “How To Create Luminous Light Bodies”

Audio or Video Format MP3
Length of Program – 1.5 hours
Value of Program  - $125

Item 1

Item 2 Name “Receive the Golden Bowl Technique”

Audio or Video Format MP3
Length of Program – 1 hour
Value of Program - $75

Item 1

“Awakening Your Sacred Heart”

Audio or Video Format MP3
Length of Program – 3 hours
Value of Program - $200

Item 1

Item 4 Name “Awakened”

Physical Book

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Special Offer
Special Offer