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Master Series

Webinar Series to Advance Your Knowledge of Self Mastery & Energy Healing

The Master Series of Online Healing Retreats

Please join us in our new Master Series of Online Healing Retreats – these are multi-part webinars to advance your knowledge of self-mastery with the Master Teachers!

This Master Class Series of Online Healing Retreats designed to advance your knowledge of Self-Mastery and Energy Healing. These Courses are 2 – 3 parts of course study with Master Teachers and come with downloadable recordings for your continued review and integration. Scroll down for our next live events plus our archives of Master Classes.

Diamond Template Activations

Sunday, March 11
Online Healing Retreat
Diamond Template Activations
A 5-Part Series on the 2nd Sunday of each Month
The Diamond Template Activations program is an invitation to step up, to engage with your multidimensional Self and literally ‘plug into’ the Divine Matrix. It is a journey and a sequence of activations that pulls together the strands of all that you are and have been, and provides the infrastructure to anchor and realize the amazing power of your own best and Highest Self.

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Arcturian Healing Method Master ClassSeries 2: Increasing Clarity with the Arcturian & Metatron Healing Frequencies with Gene Ang

In this on-line healing retreat we will discuss the importance and relevance of thought forms. What they are? How they influence us and others? And how we can extract strong crystallized thought forms from our energy field and consciousness? Then we will experience an in-depth energy treatment using various Arcturian Healing Method frequencies meant to extract unwanted and unhelpful thought forms.

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Light Language & The Human Chakra System with Dr. Suzanne Lie

Preparing for the August Eclipse and the resetting of human consciousness, we are joined by the Arcturians via Dr. Suzanne Lie, who share on this next evolutionary step of Ascension. We also focus on the enhancement of our perceptions and our understanding of Light Language, which comes to each person in a variety of ways.

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