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Multi-Dimensional Energy Activation 6 Week Course

Awakening and enlightenment is about living from a new perspective. Approaching your everyday life with more clarity and connection to your own higher wisdom and knowledge. Our ability to access our own deep knowing and information is key to navigating our inner and outer worlds with a sense of joy, purpose and gratitude.

During this 6 week energetic course, you will unravel old outdated patterns and habits and update your own unique Divine super computer of Light.

Designed to build one upon the other, each activation dives deep into your energetic matrix to clear, upgrade and improve the way you process Light. This can bring deep, long lasting change and improve your ability to live from a higher perspective.

Each week enjoy a 50 minute energy activation. In addition, there is a worksheet to help you track the shifts and changes you experience and focus your energy on creating the experience and life you desire.

The activations include:

Move into a New Perspective in 2017 and manifest from a place of joy and gratitude with more ease and grace.


Bonus Integrating a New Level of Self-Love

Bonus 90 Minute Energy Activation

Special Offer

What People have to Say about Raquel Spencer...

Thank you, Raquel, for being the willing channel (?) & sharing with us. Since my private session, I have seen beautiful shifts occurring within. For several days after, the best I can describe it, is I felt more space in my body, especially legs & feet. I am doing many things differently …. My friends have commented on hearing/feeling a softening in my energy & voice. I am excited by all I'm experiencing. My chiropractor has found it easier to adjust me & my back is not as out of place as it has been. Thank you for all you do.
Marlene S., USA

Hi Raquel !!! I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has accelerated and I have been able to clear away all that I no longer need and also my old beliefs and patterns. My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing the transmissions of light. I am very grateful that I found you and I get exactly what my growth needs when I need it. I look forward to every single one and am excited for my amazing growth that has happened along with them. Thank you.
Sharon R., USA

Raquel is the real deal. A true gift to humanity. Raquel hands you back your power by reminding you who you are ‘A master of light’. Working with her is a familiar feeling of being home. My body is able to hold more light. I sleep better, I feel aligned, balanced, at peace, and so much love in my heart. I have become more equipped to deal with everyday issues, and old patterns that come up to now be released.

Each of Raquel’s transmissions are different as the body upgrades, and shifts gears. The body gets rewired, the bodies systems get balanced, you feel spiritually alive and on a soul level there is a recognition of being part of something bigger. With each of Raquel’s transmissions I have experienced my body becoming stronger, remembering who I AM and I shine from the inside out. And with a Huge smile on my face all I can say is Thank You!
Kristen S., Mexico

I want to thank you so much for our work together yesterday. It is already shifting many old memories that were so locked down within my body systems. You are so right on with picking up what's going on in the body and fields. What a true gift to humanity you are. So grateful our paths have crossed.
Janet A, USA

Wow! After experiencing Quantum BOPP2, I’m feeling a physical change to my body. I've been dealing with some physical ailments which are now gone. Thanks Raquel! Your work has changed my Inner Matrix!
Becky C, USA

What power and energy you have! Your Bopp’s pack a wallop. :-) I have been tremendously influenced by these daily sessions (Daily Co-creation Conversation) and send Gratitude from the deepest part of my heart ( in which I am spending a great deal more time )!

I am having daily "Department Staff" meetings, thanks to your guidance, just to check in with each and every beautiful member of the team to remind them of how wonderful and capable they are and how grateful I am that they are there. It is a joyful experience. Sending Love and Gratitude!
Nancy, J, USA

Meeting Raquel was one of the most luminous experiences of my life in this lifetime. Meeting with her "again" was an honor and privilege. Her work is very physical, unique and indescribable in human language. Lots of people don't understand her huge contribution to the building of The New Earth, but I know that they very soon... they will understand. With her I've been able to see the New Humanity that is being born in everyone's heart. I have faith, because I've been there. I saw, heard and experienced how wonderful we are and all the multiple realities we live in. I have seen how Raquel reconnect our bodies of Light at a deep level and with lots of Love.. so we can be capable of remember our essence. Her work is unmeasurable. Her generosity is absolute. She's full of devotion.

If you hear the call, answer immediately. I you feel in your heart, don't doubt. Thank you Raquel for touching my life. Thank you.
Sabrina C, Argentina

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