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Soul Shine Spiritual Teachers and Healers

This free event is an online gathering of people from around the world as we celebrate the Solstice, together as OneHeart in union with our Beloved Gaia.

This online event marathon offers dozens of “Activations & Meditations” for raising your vibration and consciousness, and we invite YOU and your friends and loved ones to join us in this special Online Healing Retreat marathon broadcast.

These are heart-opening, consciousness-expanding meditations and activations that will put you in your bliss center where you have access to powerful creational energy, higher wisdom, clarity and knowingness. These Soul Shine Activations and Meditations will assist you in releasing the old 3D paradigm, and help you focus the lens of creation by tuning into the compass of your heart.

It's a High Vibration Event and it's all free - you just need to register below.

Soul Shine is your doorway into higher wisdom with Activations & Meditations for High Vibrations
These programs are designed by spiritual teachers and healers specifically to raise your vibrations – your energetic frequency – so you can access the higher energies of your Soul – also known as your Authentic Self - so you can allow it to Shine with great Love and Light out to the rest of the world.

These Meditations and Activations will inspire you, help you find your center of bliss, tap into creative Source energy, and align with the incoming frequencies that are supporting great, positive change in our world.

This Online Healing Retreat “marathon” event will nurture and honor ourselves and Mother Earth as we listen to meditations, activations and sound healing music The activations and meditations will raise your frequency and activate your DNA so you can move forward with no more worry, fear, doubt, regret or lower density energies, and into the higher frequencies of love, compassion, joy, abundance, and peace.

Please share in this event with your friends and loved ones The spiritual teachers and healers that are gathering for this event will raise our group frequency in meditations including:

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A Solstice Online Event Marathon of Activations and Meditations

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Many blessings and Infinite Love,
Lauren Galey Host of Healing Conversations

Lauren Galey
Host of Healing Conversations