About Anah Maa and “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”

The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an inspiring true story about how Kelly Lynn (now, Anah Maa) overcame all odds and found healing and joy. Kelly was born into a sadistic satanic cult. For the first 12 years of her life, Kelly was sexually, physically, mentally and spiritually tortured, she was raped, sold into child prostitution and used in their sick and twisted child pornography ring. In the cult she witnessed the night time rituals of bloody sacrifices, violent deaths, the torturing of innocent children and animals.

When Kelly was 12 years old, she was put into custody and was made a ward of the state,where she spent 5 long and difficult years in and out of group homes, jail cells, shelters, and psyche wards.  Kelly had no awareness of the cult abuse, as her mind stored the horrible secrets away from her fractured mind.  Until her father died. With his death, the memories came like a torrent of pain threatening to drown her in a sea of horror.

For the next eight years, Kelly was on disability and in intensive therapy 24/7/365. Reliving the pain and anguish of the rituals she had witnessed, remembering the betrayal, and healing the devastating effects of torture was more than she could bear. All her therapists, doctors and specialists told her she would never fully recover, that the abuse was too much, but this only fueled her to push harder. Kelly would not be broken. She would not quit. She would be free.

For those who have had difficult childhoods, horrific childhood experiences, and even those that have fallen victim to abuse as an adult, there truly is light at the end of the tunnel.