About Denisa

Denisa Nelson is a channel for Jeshua and the Company of Heaven and she has been practicing the Dharmas given to her from Jeshua. She is the author of several books and offers personal healing sessions bringing forth Jeshua and others to assist you in expanding your awareness of the love you hold within you.

Through traveling, meeting and sharing with thousand of clients and people from multiple and various cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of life, they have the gift of being able to relate to, understand, resonate with, and help people from all walks of life, all over the world. They live and teach the path of Higher Guidance, Trust, Attunement, Devotion and Surrender to the Divine will. They act as guides to living as your Higher Self, and living your empowered life, with purpose, on the New Earth.

As sound healers and Divine Resonance Alchemists, they have developed a new way of working with sound, presence, healing and sacred space that has evolved into their Quantum Light Sound Massage Journeys. A new Earth sound modality that incorporates sound, instruments and a channeled quantum journey with the healing energies of the Dolphins and Whales, back home to love, to source, to wholeness and to You.

Having a very special connection and attunement to nature, the oceans, the dolphins and the whales, they integrate the healing energies and frequencies of the Dolphins and the Whales in their Sound Massage sessions, and in group, and personal healing sessions. They also offer voice and toning workshops, helping people to open up and free their expression and creativity, connect with their joy and empowerment and unleash the healing power of their voice.

They have worked with people, communities, places, homes and The Land, doing energy and space clearings. Working multi-dimensionally, with multiple light tools and sound, to clear records, transmute karma and negativity, restore balance and harmony, and anchor the new 5th dimensional energies of Heaven On Earth.