Erina Cowan

About Erina Cowan

I have been travelling my life’s journey in search of truth; in the quest of remembering what is eternally shared with Creator, with all of creation…which is Love. This lifelong exploration has taken me through the raising of a family, a myriad of philosophical studies and spiritual paths, serving careers in both allopathic and alternative healing modalities and diving deeply into the opening of heart and awakening of mind. Spiritually I have found ‘home’ in the non-dualistic ideas presented in ‘A Course in Miracles’ and the daily practice of mindfully living in a state of Love.

I have discovered that all suffering stems from the unconscious belief that we are at the core, separate from one another, vulnerable and disconnected from Source. Through the evolutionary process, ‘Mind Field Repatterning’ that my husband and I have developed, I am able to assist others in tapping into the deepest levels of Mind and energetic memory to access hidden beliefs and limiting patterns. Once discovered, these patterns are quickly cleared and noticeable shifts occur. I am passionate about co-facilitating the awakening of hearts, the healing of minds and the emergence of Self- love and empowerment in those I work with.