Grace Solaris

About Grace Solaris

Angelic Grace Solaris, Grace of the Sun, is the voice and channel of the divine feminine and the Cosmic Council, light conduit, intuitive, spiritual coach, inspirational writer, ascension guide and angelic ambassador of the Golden Aquarian Age. It is her greatest joy, divine purpose and planetary mission to assist you in discovering the miracle within and guide you home to your naturel state of Living Joy and re-connect to your Divine Self. “Ye shall do greater things….” was imprinted in her heart from early age by her main spirit guide beloved Jeshua and this found deep resonance in her heart and urged her to start her spiritual path and search for God from early age.

Grace Solaris doesn´t call herself a spiritual teacher or healer, though many refer to her as such. She has no techniques, no doctrines, no healing methods as such, as she is convinced,
that no one can truly teach, heal or awaken another but only be instrumental in the healing and awakening of others. There is only one teacher, one healer, one guru and that is the divine
intellegence of love, of pure god consciousness, that flows thru and permeate all beings and all living things. So when we awaken, we only re-member our awakened state of being. When we heal,
we only re-discover our innate wholeness (holyness) and oneness with all-that-is. She has devoted her life to being a conduit and example of the living christ in embodiment to assist humanity on its transition
into the new golden age, the age of aquarius and an instrument for the divine feminine.