About Patrick McCormick

Patrick McCormick experienced a life-changing shift known as a ‘walk-in’ on Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona during the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987. In October 1987 he met his mentor and long-term friend, and thus began a 25-year Journey of Re-Awakening the Divine Plan of Heaven on Earth.

Fulfillment of that Ancient Prophecy began in 1989 in the Lemurian Mountains known as Hawaii. Many lives were transformed through their connection with Divine Beings & Councils, Archangels, Ascended Masters, engineers from ships and Heavenly Hosts & the chanelled messages received. This became the foundation for the Greater Work Patrick uses to this day, continuing the Legacy of spiritual and physical transformation for the many people along his Path.

In Hawaii, Patrick’s life diverged into 3 simultaneous Lives occurring in 1 body; 1) the Inter-dimensional Spiritual work, 2) Creation of his own field of science called ‘Communology’; the study of advanced social systems to research & solve all the world’s problems, & 3) helping the Hawaiian People restore their country by becoming a Personal Assistant to His Majesty & authoring over 1000 documents of state, creating foreign & domestic policy, & reinstatement of the Hawaii Kingdom from the ground up. This put his finger on the pulse of all leading-edge achievements in the Sovereignty Movement of different nations.

In 1994, after working with a diverse group of Divine Beings for 7 years, an inter-dimensional Being from Realms of Essence known as Kartron entered the scene, & a new chapter rose of working with Heavenly Hosts to restore the Divine Plan by correcting time itself. Kartron does not just give information from Realms of Light, he conducts transformational energy work to facilitate Humanity’s awakening into ever expanding levels of consciousness.

Since 2013, Patrick has been on a Quantum Road Trip to test the theory that one can live a ‘new earth life’ in this day & age. He has created a QUANTUM FIELD GENERATOR (QFG), a portable temple device designed to let you ‘feel’ what the temples felt like in ancient civilizations. Being between dimensions, the QFG allows one’s Spirit to be more available for your earthly self.

The Kartron Experience is his online virtual experience which broadcast Spiritually-oriented Events & energy work around the world for easy access in Seasons since 2013. Divine Beings such as Kartron, Metatron, & other Hosts of Heaven are showcased as they transform Earth into Heaven, from the comfort of your own home.

Patrick is available for in-person events in the US, & now prepares to begin a World Peace Tour in 2018 where he will Awaken Ancient Temple Sites with the QFG & leave Peace, Awakening, Oneness & Cosmic Comedy in his wake.