Catherine Rosenbaum
Empathetic Astrologer

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A personal session with Catherine

A personal session with Catherine includes a full reading of your Sacred contracts Natal Blueprint, and Human Design information that will interpret your Soul Map and give you clear information from these designs. Catherine also channels angels and guides and with great humor can connect with your deepest purpose and potential. Everyone is so unique. She is a Reflective Medium Astrologer. She calls out your Big Boy angels, assisting her to bring forward and clear past traumas , beliefs that you are carrying in your genetics and bring your souls purpose back to the frontline.

Catherine Rosenbaum is a gifted teacher, guide, and visionary. A true empath who, through love, compassion, humor, and joy, lives out her Human Design as a REFLECTOR. They are rare! (like unicorns!) Only 1% of the human population are Reflectors…they are pure lunar essences, who can reflect back to us the deep, and often hidden, intimate (jeweled) facets of ourselves. To sit with a Reflector is a unique experience that can be revelational. Catherine’s clarity, insight, and support through a session can open up profound pathways of self-understanding. She gets to the heart of what matters, and when revealed, that once-held energy is free to be available for new opportunities that arise for our highest personal growth and for the upliftment of all.

Testimonials from Catherine’s clients

Within the first few sentences she blew me away. It was like she was reading my life story off my astrological chart. I was absolutely flabbergasted at how accurate she was. Her delivery of events in my life helped me to see it from an outside perspective, and helped me to see the path to move forward.

Catherine is a gift to all who have the opportunity to talk with her. She always sees life with humor and fun and has the ability to get you to see that perspective as well in your own life. She is amazingly accurate in her channeling and knowing as an intuitive and her skill in explaining the human design is incredibly helpful in the understanding of one’s self and loved ones. She is a must for any family wanting to know more about each other!

Catherine Rosenbaum is a brilliant intuitive reader and teacher– “brilliant” as in deeply intelligent in mind, heart, and body, and shining brightly as one who lights the way. I have known her for about 5 years since I first chose her randomly out of a schedule of intuitive readers at Elysian Fields while on vacation in Sarasota. Since that first experience I have gone back to her both in person and on the phone for help with a specific problem, an overall reading, a birthing session, astrology classes, and her insights about the state of the larger world. Her sharing of channeled insights are both detailed and dazzling: a great communicator, she speaks at all times with love, warmth, and often humor in the messages she imparts. I have kept my notes from every experience I have had with her and am always amazed at the depth and clarity of advice and understanding I have gained from working with her. With each meeting I find in her a beautiful light being, a spirit traveler, an angel in my life who makes me feel truly held. I am grateful for her presence in my life.

Catherine uses her many skills as an Astrologer, Intuitive, and an Empath to see beneath the issues. She psychically connects with her angel helpers in the multi-dimensional realms to assist you in connecting the past, present & future and empowers you to achieve awareness and your karmic responsibility. Catherine is a beautiful Soul, born into this lifetime to serve & enlighten. She is my “GO-TO” for all my readings!

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1 Hour Personal Session
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