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DNA Regenesis
Over 20 Hours of Webinar Replay Training

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A full DNA REGENESIS protocol to take you back to your original organic divine potential of the Angelic Diamond Sun DNA template.

Once you fully activate your DNA TEMPLATE your will have a clear, coherent connection to SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS and be able to embody your DIVINE SELF.

In this state, you will be able to start tapping into your HIGH SENSE PERCEPTION and your DIVINE GIFTS. Meaning that you will move past drama, see usually hidden things with clarity, experience increased intuition and knowing.

DNA ACTIVATION is one of the most powerful SPIRITUAL METAMORPHOSIS — within your physical being since ALL information is stored and housed in the DNA CODING which provides the instruction sets of everything in your BIO-ENERGY FIELD.

The protocol includes:
MODULE ONE: A Bio-Energy Field Clearing (2 HOURS 43 MINUTES)
MODULE TWO: Karma Clearing and Bio-Circuitry Upgrade (2 HOURS 1 MINUTE)
MODULE THREE: Un-natural seal and inorganic material Removal (2 HOURS 23 MINUTES)

MODULE FIVE: Strands 5-8 (1 HOUR 42 MINUTES)
MODULE SIX: Strands 9-12 (2 HOURS 19 MINUTES)

You will receive the a activation protocol that will take your DNA template back to it’s original design and access the CODES that will jump start the dormant portions on your DNA so you can access 12 dimensions of consciousness.


“This was the most powerful session to date as far as the amount of energy I felt coursing through my body. It was like a sustained, intense electric current. When I ended the session, I felt various joint and muscle aches throughout my body and that a weight or burden had been lifted from me. Immediately afterward, and in the days since, there has been a shift, in what I would describe as my center of consciousness, from my head to the area around my heart. It’s like my awareness now emanates from my heart center with brings with it more peace, love and centeredness and less uncontrolled mental activity.

Thank you Christof and Akasha for all of the sessions you have facilitated this year. Each one has left me with measurable and sustained results. They are like rocket boosters for my spiritual practice”


“I stumbled upon Christof’s teachings in one of the tougher times in my life.

Even though I wasn’t entirely new to the subject, I was skeptical of how and if it would affect my being. From the moment I woke up in the morning I was plagued by very low frequency thoughts and emotions. So the first thing I started doing each morning was to listening to the free mini courses. One by one. They established a base of understanding my situation better. I moved on to take part in the DNA Regenesis program, which entirely turned my life around in a matter of a single month.

My Partner was the first to notice a change in my behavior, which at the time was crucial, since I had pushed our relationship to its absolute limit in the months leading up to this. The entire construct that my ego had built was about to collapse and I was faced with a radical life change. Overwhelming? Yes. I was facing what felt like a 200 ft wave about to tear me apart. But the teachings and clearings spoke to me. Louder and clearer than all the fearful chatter in my head.

They enabled me to tackle one topic at a time. At times it even felt like they slowed down time for me. My very own power was returned to me, thanks to these two people, I had never met in person. From the bottom of my heart, thank you two Christof and Akasha for providing such noble service to mankind. Absolutely everyone can benefit from this.”


“*THANK YOU* For developing the DNA RE-GENESIS protocol. I so much clearer and lighter, have more energy and need less sleep. I’m much more able to focus and have had some beautiful client sessions and synchronicities, and more clients contacting me wanting sessions. I’ve knuckled down to several tasks which I’d been putting off, and feel open and relaxed about the future.”


“My time spent with Christof and Akasha was life changing. My life long urge to seek and find my soul’s home brought me to these two amazing men. In our world of greed and self-centeredness I found the rarest of qualities in them, honesty, integrity, and deep compassion. They were able to see my true radiant ‘self’ hidden beneath the detritus of lifetimes. They helped me find the confidence to persevere, face my shadow-self and commune with my divine self. They also taught me how to wake up and embrace a daily spiritual practice that will sustain me throughout the rest of my life. Of all the courses I have taken with them DNA REGENESIS course allowed me the incredible joy of accessing my divine ability to heal myself. These amazing men have created a one of a kind protocol to help everyone heal themselves at their deepest soul and cellular level. It was a journey of a lifetime and I bless them.”


“I felt instantly the presence of energies surround my energetic field, I felt extremely safe and I saw myself lying underneath a gold pyramid frame with Christof and Akasha in each side of the pyramid working on a group of me. The vibration was so strong that my roller blind came flying up afterwards. So far I have had no massive “detoxing” physical shift symptoms but I instantly felt a sense of security and “realness” about life as if Ive unpeeled a layer. I have been completely grounded where usually I struggled to stay grounded and everything just feels emotionally perfect.”


“After the DNA Activation, I came to realize that I’ve let go of my attachment to my ego and body. I AM now completely aware that I’m from a higher vibration, working through a physical body to show as much love as I can to the world around me. I realize that i AM here solely for that purpose. It’s my mission while in this body to reach out to as many people as I can in order to remind them somehow that they are loved, worthy, eternal, appreciated, and powerful. I can do this unconditionally as I now realize that I’m a higher dimensional entity working through a physical body to ignite love throughout the cosmos. To raise the vibration of all that exists. I’m suddenly free of the ego that caused so much resistance before this empowerment session. I see who I really am outside the body and can’t imagine going back now that I get it. I’ve truly been liberated. I thank you so much for being such divine assistants in this process for me. This is monumental.”


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DNA Regenesis: Over 20 Hours of Webinar Training