Divine Sacred Family: Healing & Integrating within New Human Paradigms

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Divine Sacred Family (Mp3 Audio Files!)

How we are able to heal and integrate within new paradigms of behaving, creating, co-creating and truly looking beyond the illusions to see what awaits as we transcend daily distractions, veils, and addictions to feel and immerse within the new Divine Sacred Family.

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Item 1

Inner/Outer Brilliance – Manifesting Divine Change

Format: mp3

As we accelerate on our ascension path, maintaining centeredness and inner peace is so very key to maintain wellness, balance, and health of our multidimensional bodies. In this audio recording, Joanna shares wisdom and insights in shifting to new paradigms within family and societal norms – to move forth in clarity and confidence to set ever expanding healthy choices and higher self-aligned choices that serve the All.  Joanna shares powerful guidance for healers, lightworkers, and parents who are shifting imbalances, in creating wellness boundaries within  relationships, or within their families, in uniting the essence of clear boundaries in electronics usage to create healthy flourishment.

Item 2

Facing Our Fears and the Divine Offerings

Format: mp4 12:44 length

This invocation video guides us to create harmony with our expanded God aspects, creating a beautiful knowingness as we face our fears and challenges and bring them forward for loving acknowledgment to allow us to transcend and illuminate those remembrances into a profound experience of growth. This beautiful soulful invocation guides us to allow ourselves to come forward in new expansiveness and move within our highest blueprint, and love ourselves in a new way.


Item 3

Affirmation for Youthing

Format: mp3 12:04 length

This high vibrational audio is an affirmation for Youthing, that is inviting those of us that so desire to swim within these Sacred energies to put down the work and to play. In the final part of this audio, Joanna shares a beautiful and moving story of a treasure hunt to search out that radiant joy that awaits you, for the path of ascension is meant to be playful.


Item 4

Walking in Mastery for healing

Format: Mp3 30:32 length

This audio guides us to walk in mastery, to take ownership of that inner child and invoke powerful full moon and the mastery energies of the 11 month, and year of 2018, to take away the veils of illusion and release any limiting fears as we bring resolve to those parts of self in need of love.


Item 5

Sacred Divine Worship

Format: mp4, 47:42 length

In this educational recording Joanna engages us in a compelling graphic discussion of the power of the ancient practices of  Sacred Prayer, intent, initiations and ceremonies, allowing us to reconnect, remove the veils of separation and illusion, to create awareness of ascending consciousness when we create awareness and claim our Divine birthright to explore, remember, and rediscover our innate entanglement with spirit, the all of Creation, and align with one’s highest path in service and sacred sharing.


Item 6

Earthly Shifts 2018

Format: Mp4, 8:14 length

This powerful audio recording provides insights for coming into alignment during the shifting energies of 2018 and beyond, for humanity and our planet, to inspire those that so desire, to go within and deepen their own mastery.   Joanna offers practical tips for standing within your own center of light, and your inner knowing that guides you in all ways. This information is so vital for lightworkers, healers, readers, and those ingited to awaken, to walk in their own mastery. Those who wish to be guided to inner peace and stillness, through pure will and intent, may walk in alignment and unfoldings on the path of New Earth Consciousness.


Item 7

Divine Sacred Fire

Format: mp3 length 22:12

Understanding the inner-outer entanglement and how we are refining within moment-for-moment reality so that we live the Christed timelines gifted in all moments. This is the essence of God, the Essence of life, and we are initiators of it All.


Item 8

Multidimensional Parenting – Reigniting Human Engagement & Healing

Format: Mp3, length: 52:56

Within this audio discussion of Multidimensional Parenting, Joanna shares wisdom for those who are ready to step out of old paradigms, to begin speaking with authenticity and integrity and swim within all catalystic moments that open our compassionate heart, and the altruistic path we are creating, Divine reverence for the Human family. Within this discussion, Joanna shares family experiences that show us how being in allowance of the raw emotions and experiences to flow and live through each of us, we can truly awaken to the excitement as masters of light to soak within our innocence and sacred play to guide the crystalline children. Their senses and experiences are very different from the generations before – lost and disjointed, they may be missing that human sacredness, engagement, and play that has been lost in modern society. Joanna shares a story that shows how we can shift our engagement with these children, release old patterns and create authentic connection with them, to entangle with the beautiful dynamic of these kids.


Item 9

Multidimensional Parenting – Dynamic Emotional Clearing

Format: mp3, length 51:19

Within this audio and its companion guide Joanna offers parents new perspectives and behaviours in supporting themselves as well as parenting these sensitive children who are also transmuting fear and anxiety. Some may be transitioning out of jobs, or children may be coping with a school system that does not fit for them – within these experiences we can create self mastery as we transmute the old energies and paradigms to create new inspirations and new expansive ways of being.


Item 10

Companion Guide – Crystalline Kids Akash Healing

Format: PDF Guide

This companion guide is a resource for parents to assist themselves and their sensitive children through fear and anxiety. This will assist any multidimensional parent who chooses to live and behave in an expanded multidimensional way.

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