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About Ray Sibley and the band HOPE

The band HOPE formed in 1969 in the beautiful hills and valleys of Esofea Wisconsin.

Hope was the band who led the way for the spiritual movement of peace and love in the early 70s as people began to put away their psychedelic drugs and to choose the way of Meditation and Spirituality.

Hope signed a recording contract with the major recording company at the time, A&M Records.

The band’s first tour in 1971 brought national recognition as we played in national stadiums alongside such classic rock icons as Three Dog Night, The James Gang, The Grateful Dead, Chase, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Ravi Shankar.

Our music concerts were life expanding spiritually uplifting experiences with our audiences as we often sat with them for hours after the concerts and shared the love and inspiration of the spiritual life.

The following pictures portray me playing keyboards with Hope and at our promo shoot in Chicago holding the Hope sign.

1971 with Hope performing for over 150,000 people
Here I am holding the Hope sign in our promo pic for A&M Records
Hope Album cover

As a Recording Studio Owner of Hope Universal Recording Studio, Sound Engineer and Professional Musician,  I  collaborated on many successful music projects with Lightworkers, Hynotherapists, Native American flute artists, Singers from Lemuria and other heart opening spiritual projects.

To include several:  “I’ve seen the Light” by Sedona’s Scott Beck,  6 CDs by Alana Heartsong as she sang in the language of Lemuria, Crystal Bowl recordings by Saggio called Awakening Heart and as Saggio played world instruments and Ray played keyboards on “Gentle Being” 9 CDs by renown Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Madonna Kettler, PH. D.  Native American flutist, Joseph Leal and the CD, Medicine Man.

These projects were all recorded and engineered and produced by Ray at his Hope Universal Recording Studio.

Along with two CDs by Rays collaboration with Jeff Cozy who was the drummer for the Hope band.  “Vision Quest” and “Drums of Peace” by BridgeWalker


A musical video of these collaboration may be seen on the right or on YouTube.

Along with all of these great musical projects, I also have recorded and produced 11 of my own albums ranging from Meditation music to Native American flutes, to transcendent music regarding prophesies, astrological events such as the 2003 Harmonic Concordance, Music for Healing Touch, Angel Voices, all of which may be viewed on my Home page at:



Offer 1 Includes:

Item #1

Your Wonderful Unique Soul Song

$100 gift toward your own beautiful Soul Song.

Ray will connect with you, then record your beautiful and magnificent Soul Song at his Hope Universal Recording Studio. Your Soul Song will touch your heart like no other Music and tell the story of your Soul’s journey and experiences. Over 860 Souls have had this remarkable experience with Ray since 1999.

Your Soul Song will be over 30 minutes and sent to you as an mp3 and a Music wav.file to listen and experience anytime you wish. There is nothing in this world as beautiful as the Music of your own wonderful and unique Soul!

Your Soul Song process is a 4-5 day recording process with over 30 studio hours to complete. Ray has over 2,000 sounds to use along with Native American flutes, percussion and keyboards. Your $100 gift will be applied to the normal rate of $325 so with your discount your Soul Song completed is just $225.

Item #2:

MP3: The 7 Affirmations of Sacred Love

These powerful Affirmations will energize you as you start your new day and will give peace as you retire each evening. Use them often to confirm the Truth regarding Who you are, What you are and Why you are here.

This offering includes both a 30 minute Meditation/Affirmation with Affirmations accompanied by transcendent Music by Ray along with a 41 page PDF which gives you a full description of the meaning behind each Affirmation and how they will help you expand your Consciousness and open new portals of understanding and experiences for you. The PDF also includes Chakra Charts and a Musical Chart tuned to the universal balancing frequency of 432Hz. These powerful Affirmations and their descriptions will lead you to that beautiful place within where you will know and experience yourself as Sacred Love.

Item #3:

MP3: Guided Meditation: Soul Consciousness and Creating the Sacred Circle

Join Ray for this 33 Minute Guided Meditation as he guides you into the realm of Soul Consciousness. In this powerful realm of creativity, the Sacred Circle is created and experienced.

Learn how to create your own Sacred Circle to travel within your-Self and to travel by Soul Consciousness to any point in the Universe. Explore your innate powers of intuition; go beyond your 5 senses into a realm where impulse, intention and intuition are your true guides of Self-discovery.

Transcendent Music will accompany you on this journey within tuned especially to 432 Hz to bring perfect harmony and balance to this guided meditation. The scripted PDF is also included to use as a guide to create your own Sacred Circle.

Item #4:

MP3: Meditation/Experiential: Soul Consciousness and the 4 Spiritual Truths

Join Ray as you travel inward to the most beautiful place in the Universe, to your own beautiful and unique Soul. Ray will gently guide you through this 60 Minute Meditation/Experiential to the very heart of love that awaits you. He will help you through the process of transcendence as you go deeper and deeper into your own sacred sanctuary of Soul Consciousness and connect with your Source.

It is there that you will also experience the wonderful Truth of the Christ Consciousness when he spoke these words of universal spiritual Truth: “Love God with all of your Heart, with all your Soul, with all of your Mind and with all your Strength”.

These Truths are your keys to the Kingdom and your clear road map Home. Experience this one hour Meditation with transcendent Music not as a religious doctrine, but as a Universal Truth that is shared and offered to all. A PDF of the full script will also be included. Join Ray for this invitation to experience the Joy, Peace, Love and Truth that awaits you.

Item #5

MP3 Album: In the Name of Hope

Experience the Music of Ray in this Healing Arts musical offering with 3 long selections to use for Meditation and Healing Sessions. 65 minutes Good over the ear headphones are highly recommended for this transcendent music mixed in full stereo spectrum.

Track 1: Starlight: Rays own energies come through this 25 minute offering of ambient sounds with beautiful melodies.

Track 2: Sun Dance: The Soul Song of Lakota Sun Dance Chief

Standing Elk recorded on the night he was given the new spiritual name of Golden Eagle. 25 minutes

Track 3: The Guardians: The Song of the beloved spiritual beings that care about our planet and inspire us with their positive influences. 13 minutes

Item #6:

A gift of $100 toward a Personal Soul Session with Ray

(normally $300) with your gift, $200

Your Personal Soul Session with Ray by Skype phone invites you to gently and safely open sacred space in your Soul Consciousness as you explore and experience the many wonders and gifts that await you in your Soul Consciousness.

Ray’s guidance as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist will assist you and help to relax and transcend to a Meditative state where you will become more in tune with your intuitive wisdom gaining knowledge and in sight into your true Self as an infinite Soul Being.

Find answers to the deepest questions of Life:

*Who Am I? What Am I? Where Am I going?

*What are my Chakra energies telling me?

*What is my special tonal frequency; how can this help me?

  •   Those who have had their Soul Song recorded will also receive the added benefit of the interpretations and spiritual insights from their special Soul Song Music.

Item #7:

Join Ray for a LIVE GROUP Soul Session and Experiential

With questions, comments, answers and a guided meditation into Soul Consciousness.

Ray will open the portals of Soul wisdom and intuition as we explore the depths of awareness as Soul Consciousness. Find your true happiness and joy within your own truly beautiful Self.

Ray will take you through an experiential of relaxing, breathing, using a mantra into deeper meditation as you connect with your atma, your true Self. It is there at there center of your being where your own peace, joy and stillness connect you with the supreme Consciousness, the absolute Source.

Join Ray on Saturday, February 10th at 4 PM Central USA time for this enlightening experiential. We will record this Session so the replay will also be available and sent to you and for those who cannot join us for the live session.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Add Your Beautiful Soul Song

Value: $1200
Special Offer Price: $399
Includes all digital downloads in Option 1, plus your own Soul Song composed by Ray Sibley.

The Perfect Option if you are ready to invest in your own personal Soul Song! Ray infuses the recording with 20-30 hours of studio time to connect with your Soul and create a beautiful composition of your own.

This package includes the Music and Programs in Option 1, and offers you a special price for your own 20-30 minute Soul Song,  a valued of  $1200, for only $399.


Your Beautiful Soul Song

Boyd Sibley Music represents heart opening, soulful, inspiring melodies and songs of transcendence and healing and of course, the recording of your own magnificent Soul Song.

Since 1999 over 858 Soul Songs have been recorded by ~Ray~ world wide.

There is nothing in this world compared to the Music of your own wonderful Soul.
Your Soul Song will inspire you, connecting you with Who You really are as a magnificent Infinite Being.

Use your Soul Song for deep Meditation, Transformation, increasing your Frequency, finding inner knowledge and peace, comfort and knowing that You are surely loved and connected to your Divine Source.

The Soul Song Process

After you purchase the Soul Song Option 2 Package, Ray will connect with you by email to  let you know when he will begin the 3-4 day process for your Soul Song which will include : Meditation, ceremony, recording, editing, mastering to CD for the MP3 and wav.file to send you. You may also request the physical CD along with the MP3.

The Length of your Soul Song is usually approximately 30 minutes but may be longer
It is a 25-30 hour endeavor for the recording part alone.

Since all Soul Songs are recorded remotely at Ray’s HOPE studio in the USA, you can be anywhere in the world and receive your recorded Soul Song.

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