~ Online Healing Retreat ~
S.T.A.R. Clinic Meditation & Activation to Raise Your Vibration

Empowering The Remembering of Human Divinity

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with powerful tools you can use to connect with your cosmic council.
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Raise your vibration!

THIS EVENT IS included free when you purchase the LIVESTREAMINING Video of the 3-Day S.T.A.R. Clinic on Becoming A Galactic Citizen (Live from Tuscon Arizona)

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
Meditations, Contemplations and Activations to raise your vibrational frequency!

Join us in a special series of Medications and Activations to upshift your vibration in this dynamic, experiential Online Healing Retreat that will clear your field, upshift your vibration into higher frequencies, and allow you to recieve energies that can transform your life. Meditation & Activation Online Healing Retreat: Nina Brown – Be The Love Guided Meditation
Robert Winn – Contemplation on Sovereignty
CJ Walker – Guided Meditation
Randy Masters – Sound Attuenment
Raquel Spencer – Quantum Activation
CLOSE: Nina – Emancipation Proclamation for Human Divinty

This is a powerful way to raise your vibrational frequency and prepare yourself to interact with the quantum field. It's also a valuable pre-curser to the 3-Day event in Tucson, AZ in person or via Livestream Video.

Online Healing Retreat - Merging with Your Highest Expression of Self
MP3 Download
Click Here to Purchase MP3 Download $22.22

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