Online Healing Retreat: Vibrational Healing with Crystals with Jill Mattson

Avaiable for viewing online and downloading to your computer. Vibrational  Healing  with  Crystals  Using  Crystals  to  empower  every  aspect  of  your  Life! Checking  the  impact  of  Music  &  Crystals  on  your  Aura . Use  Music  to  increase  the  Strength  of  your  Crystals. Accessing Crystals  when  they  are  Not  Present .  Clearing/Activating/Directing  Crystals. Crystals  and  Chakra  Clearing and more.

The Fields of Limitation and Limitlessness with Elizabeth Wood

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Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, on a guided journey into limitless consciousness. Do you feel there are heavy energies blocking you at every turn? Nothing seems to work? You know that self work is the key, but you feel bogged down by the details. The fact is, most of the limitations you think you have all fall into 5 energetic fields. These ‘Fields of Limitation’ are false programs written in your DNA. You can change them! Once you identify them, you can shift them out of your body and step into fields of true limitlessness. In this workshop you will learn exactly how to do that and more.

Elizabeth Wood- Healing the Three Minds Workshop

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Are you tired of feeling stuck? Perhaps you are always fatigued, ill, and keep trying everything to no avail? Is trauma and PTSD affecting your daily life? Or maybe your well being is fine, but you feel like you need a different configuration? You long to be done with the same old lifestyle. There is a right direction! Different steps and techniques can lead you into a different height of conscious being. You can attain an energetic freedom which shifts your health, wellbeing and creativity upward.