An-Ra-Nae IsisRa: The Great Remembering ~~ The Quest for God/Goddess Within

Join An-Ra-Nae, IsisRa, as she shares her own Remembering process, her journey as a High Priestess of Goddess~Isis giving Activations for Remembering and what it takes to walk the Path as an Initiate of the great mysteries. Intricately woven within this sharing will be energetic activations and highly transformational transmissions of her Sacred Aromatherapy blends.

Daniel the Healer: You are Divine

As human beings we are made to believe that we are the garbage of the Universe that we are here on this Earth because it is the penal colony of existence. That is simply not true. We are made of the same building blocks as the Divine, and we are here to learn, have experiences and resolve challenges that we pre-determined before we came in physical existence. Just because we have no memory of who we truly are that does not make us bad, defective or evil. During the show, Daniel will explain where we come from and how we set it all up in advance of being born.