Starseed Manifestation: Dreaming The New You into Being with Steve Nobel

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This is a pivotal year in the awakening process. Many will be called to step away from the old earth 3D matrix completely.
We will explore manifesting and the 5D grids and why it is important to create from this space.
Also why our dreams should reflect our highest light (Higher Self) and not our basest nature (lower ego desires).
Why manifesting is an important aspect of the growth/evolution process.
Why it is important to focus on realistic as well as so called ‘impossible’ dreams.
Discussion on dreaming from three points in the body.

Christof Melchizedek


Join Christof as he shares the latest in planetary ascension news, wheat has been happening in the last few months on the planet, the latest planetary updates and upgrades. The results from the recent Paradigm Convergence 11.11 Solomons Temple Tour, and the repercussions expanding out through the Earth grids as a consequence. He will also share what you can be doing on a personal level to enhance the planetary ascension process and enter into greater flow, harmony and prosperity on your own soul journey here on Earth.

Maureen St. Germain: 5th Dimension – getting there and staying there!

Timelines are shifting and collapsing. The 3D polarity matrix game is over! Karma is the old-world reality and non-existent in the 5th Dimension. Most people do not “arrive” at 5D permanently. They are vacillating between dimensions. How do you find your way into the 5th Dimension and once you arrive, how do you stay there? Fifth Dimension is the Ascension! It is the new world and you are able to live there now, in your body.