Michael and Janiece Boardway: Journey with the New Beings

As parents of one of the New Beings (New Children, Teens & Adults), Michael and Janiece learned to navigate their way with very little information in a world that didn’t quite understand the uniqueness of these children nor their part in the evolutionary process. By going within and listening to their inner knowing, Michael and Janiece have allowed their son, Tristan to take them on a journey of opening their hearts even more and living a life that they could never have imagined.

Xi EarthStar Healer: Advanced Psychic LightWork

The inspiration to Create a New Earth, a New Paradigm, a New Civilization based on Love, Authenticity and Wholeness percolates beyond our awareness, into our Body and our moment to moment creations of Reality. The rift between the “False Matrix” and the “Organic Matrix of Living Light” becomes more and more evident. The “mission” is simple, yet complex: Reconnect All Photons Back to Source, aka: re-align all fallen energy within the creation matrix back to the Frequency of Organic Matrix of Living Light.

Our Human Consciousness and Creativity is incredibly vast and powerful, and had been hijacked and deceived into creating the False Matrix to sustain edacious astral entities and elite human families. It is in the reclaiming of our Consciousness and Creativity that we can restore Sovereignty to Humanity and the natural living systems of the Earth. Advanced Psychic LightWork invites lightworkers to uplevel our Higher Sense Perceptions, Psychic capabilities and confidence in Consciousness Navigation in oneness with the Living Source. To become an active participant in the Liberation of Humanity from the multi-dimensional binds of the false matrix.

Maria Bethencourt: What is a Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening? – Spiritual “Q”Tips and Tools to assist in Extreme Awakenings

Spontaneous/Accelerated Spiritual Illumination Experiences are becoming the new normal as we begin this Great Global Awakening and Embodiment Phase.
Extreme Awakenings shatter the reality of all involved in that person’s timeline, causing an extreme frequency shift and massive Spiritual Crisis for all involved.
It leaves behind shattered relationships as the awakening individual embodies a completely different person,almost instantly, causing chaos and fear. Information is the way to alleviate this fear, for spiritual awakening is not a mental illness, but an extreme spiritual crisis with quantum tools available to support The Heart’s Awakening.