Christine Esdaile: Transcending Your Matrix

Quantum ConversationsBroadcasting High Vibrational Frequencies to Empower, Inspire and Elevate Lives.Enjoy this Episode with Featured Guest Transcending Your Matrix with Christine Esdaile About This ShowTranscending Your Matrix is an exploration of how the thinning of the veils is impacting light workers in the 3-4D transition into 5D Mastery. While many today are reaching higher states…

Xi Earthstar: Galactic Shamanism & Timeline Bridging

On tonight’s show, Xi shares her personal stories as a inter-planetary grid-worker and gatekeeper, working predominantly in the collective psychical realms. Through sharing her fun adventures interacting with higher-dimensional beings, the astral military, and psychical mass mind control technologies, she hopes to inspire others in Activating our Super Powers, and engaging in Timeline Bridging.