Catherine Rosenbaum: You Are Written in the Stars

Psychic Intuitive Catherine Rosenbaum brings in her team of Angels on this insightful call that offers an astrological update that’s down to the current hour! Catherine shares on the recent Uranus/Mercury Conjunction and how we have now entered a portal that’s never been experienced before on Planet Earth.

She is a rare Reflector in Human Design (only 1% of humanity is a Reflector) and she dives right in to assist in your personal acceleration

Soul Shine 2019

Soul Shine: Celebrating the Solstice for 2020
Replay of the event ran on 12/20, 12/21 & 12/22

Enjoy these High Vibrational Meditations and Activations. Each session holds a unique experience, and you’ll have time to integrate between sessions with our musical interludes.
Use these activations and meditations, along with your own intentions of what you wish to manifest create an anchor on New Earth. We are the ambassador’s of New Earth and I honor you.