Daniel Scranton: Channeling as an Avenue to Ascension

We will be exploring what channeling is, how someone can begin their channeling journey, and how it is a way of bringing oneself closer to all aspects of self, including the higher dimensional and extra-terrestrial aspects. Daniel will also channel for the audience, answering whatever questions are asked while bringing through his long-time guides, The Creators.

Shirley Rose: Raising Your Frequency

Right now the most powerful thing you can do is to consciously raise your frequency to the highest level your body can absorb safely, easily and effortlessly. We will be raising your frequencies during this program.Old traumas held in your body may be holding you back from moving forward in your life. We will discuss INTEGRATION a method you can use to learn your lessons in the moment they are happening so that the body does not store these experiences. Aging is now shifting and I will be sharing how we are living longer and staying younger looking than ever before. Our bodies were designed regenerate. We are shifting back into our original design. Your body, mind and soul will be rejuvenated and uplifted throughout the program. Join me for an amazing journey from the old paradigm into the amazing future we are creating together.

Nora WalksInSpirit: Activating the Codes of the Crystalline Consciousness

Nora is preparing for sonar & telepathic communication with the whales. Gasp Bay Pennisula in Northern Quebec during the 9-9 Gateway. This show will prepare our consciousness, we will be awakening the dormant DNA and the dormant consciousness of who we are back into the regular format of a higher molecular magnetic field in our bodies. It will be done thru the so below magnetic fields of Gaia and her whales and it will be aligned above and beyond intelligence of the dimensions to crossover into our crystal DNA threads that will be awakened and tapped into by the whales.