Matthew John: Why the Tarot Is Timeless + Live Readings!!!

Join Lauren Galey and Matthew John for LIVE READINGS! Matthew is an internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive and Psychic. The tarot is one of his favorite tools for getting intuitive information for himself and clients. He will do readings for callers on their relationships, galactic origins, health, or anything else that they ask!

Join us to learn about the tarot and get a reading!

Emunah Malinovitz: Connecting Directly to SOURCE BLISS

Emunah will Take Live callers and Do Intuitive Readings!

The question to ask is,”  What do I need to know to Improve MY CONNECTION TO SOURCE? 

It’s time to Truly be Connected to Source. It’s Your Birthright to Live In Bliss and Feel Love and Support.
Are you ready to Feel Supported, Unshaken and Grounded in Love, Receiving support from the Higher Realms? 

So many people are feeling unsafe, their nervous systems are rattled, waiting for the next bomb to drop… feeling anxious, unclear, confused, unsafe.

Nedda Wettels: Claim Your Abundance Now: 7 Keys to Staking Your Claims

In higher, love-filled states of Consciousness, such as 5-D, you experience abundance, plenty, sharing, and helping one another as natural and harmonious ways to live.

Your natural state is expansive ABUNDANCE Consciousness.
Your natural state is Unity Consciousness.
Your natural state is Love-based Consciousness.