Emmaray Kumara: Channeling Life’s Divine Genius into Form – The Process of Conscious Co-creation

In my program Channeling Life’s Divine Genius into Form, I invite and guide you through a variety of delightful steps to embody consciously and joyfully your Divine Genius as a Creator Being in partnership with the many Realms who are part of the creation process and who also embody Divine Genius energies. These members of our Cosmic family include Overlighting Devas, Elementals, Ascended Hosts, Angelic Realms, and the many kingdoms embodied on Gaia herself.

Linda Johns: Step into a Higher Frequency

This Divine Matrix is multidimensional and holds the original knowledge and blueprints of creation. Anytime we need help, guidance, or healing, we can drop into our sacred heart space and bring our awareness into the Inner circle of this Divine Crystalline Matrix and merge into oneness with the frequency of Divine intelligence and become the multidimensional expression of our Divine Star Light.